VPI Launches New Limited Edition Avenger Turntable at RMAF

Another new VPI turntable? Yes. These guys are prolific! The new Avenger is best described as a "chopped" HRX, re-shaped and re-purposed to be 3 arm capable.

This limited edition model comes with 2 12" "printed" tonearms (a third can be added to the front tower) and dual pulley, flywheel outboard motor.

The limited edition Avenger complete as shown (not including the Bob's Devices step-up transformer or Falcon speed controller) costs $15,000. A mighty attractive product IMO at that price and since I think less plinth is more, I wouldn't be surprised if this "chopped" HRX sounded faster and cleaner than the standard HRX.

VPI Industries
77 Cliffwood Ave. #3B, Cliffwood, NJ 07721