Hagerman Audio Labs Repackages Products

Jim Hagerman was on hand at RMAF where he displayed his line of phono preamps as well as some of his burn-in products.

Hagerman has repackaged some products like the $489 three-tube Cornet3 MM Phonostage and the $289 PIccolo2 MC Headamp into plastic chassis. The $3200 Trumpet Classic floor-standing, 8 tube MM phono preamp now has aluminum side panels in place of the original's wooden ones.

These products represent some of the best values in phono preamplifiers so it was good to see Mr. Hagerman advocating in person at RMAF for his brand and his products.


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I supported this Kickstarter and have received both the preamp and the stepup transformer, mostly to support the idea of more value priced analog gear.

Would be interested in your opinion of the Cornet3 & Piccolo2 combo in relation to your recent reviews of lower priced phono stages (as I am unlikely to get hold of that many toys at once).


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I second the request for Mikey to review the Hagerman phono stages - including the Bugle2.

Maybe also compare to similar one man operations like the Lounge Audio LCR: http://www.loungeaudio.com/

The current model of the LCR is the MKIII. I have the older MKII and it was well worth what I spent.

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I supported this project in the kit form and the only thing I can say is that even with the stock tubes this thing walks all over my PS Audio GCPH

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Hagerman's EXCELLENT Trumpet Reference (Stereophile Class A) was also on display in Denver. For those looking for a truly reference grade phono stage, the TR represents an outstanding value. Easily rivaling other well regarded phono stages costing MANY times more.

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I'll chime in here with agreement on the Trumpet. I built a couple of Jim's kits before, including the Cornet tube phono stage. The Cornet played music beyond it's price point and I lived with it happily in my system for a while, but then I got to hear his Trumpet in a couple of different systems, and was seriously impressed, it could stand with or above a number of other well regarded high end tube phono stages. Jim Hagerman is quite a talented designer/engineer.

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I too would love to hear your input on the Cornet 3. There seem to be a few interesting looking $500 or less tube phono preamps, with no real option to demo!

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For my less experienced review I can only compare it to a Project Tube Box DS I borrowed until I decided on my final one (which is not so much the Cornet as I grabbed it cause I wanted to support the cause).

The Tube Box DS has some NOS tubes (not sure which, I didnt put them in but they were about $60 each I am told) and I just have what came with the Cornet as stock.

I left it turned on for a day before playing anything through it although I havent noticed an immense difference since end of week 1.

Two key differences stand out
1) Bass, much richer and less murkiness
2) High end sounds moderately more crisp

Dont have much else to compare with, have been trying to decide on one of a handful of two input stages for two years and then apply for appropriate "Ministerial Approval"

The bass is much richer and has less murkiness than the Tube Box.