Levin Design Record Cleaning Brushes: World’s Most Beautiful?

These handmade dry record brushes of natural cashmere goat hair are a cooperative effort between Levin Designs and a traditional brushmaker located in the restored Schloss Burg (palace castle) located in Solingen, Germany.

They are expensive at around 250 Euro plus another 100 Euro for the aluminum brush holder trimeed in either pear wood or black plastic, but they are also the most stylish—if such things matter to you and they do for some.

(Imported to America by Axiss Distribution)

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Are the bristles all pure goat hair (which is non-conductive), or is there something else mixed in (such as Thunderon) as used in the brush made by Gordon and sold by Sleeve City?

Do goat hair brushes work any better than ones made with carbon fibers?

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The manufacturer says pure goat hair. Better than carbon fiber? I don't know. I just got one here to try. One thing is for sure: it is a beautifully made brush! More beneficial in a "showcase" audio room than in my laboratory but I will try and report back...
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...who would choose a Vertu cell phone.

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Michael, quit messing around and get to those new Zeppelin records.

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They are on their way. Patience please!
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350 euro = roughly $500 = 20 albums at an average of $25 a piece. Cool brush for sure, however.

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500 thrift store albums (discounting the hours invested, gas and parking - after all, this is a hobby). Don't forget about your local college/university music library. They may be discarding their vinyl collection and are happy for someone to take it for free. Better you get it than the landfill site. Seriously, I scored a great collection this way. Give them a call or send an email. I'm all for preserving our vinyl heritage in the hands of people who love it and will care for it till the next generation.

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that sharp metal edge on the back of the brush could be a problem for late night sessions. The sessions with friends and scotch. If you fumble that brush, it is going to score the record. or whip around on the table and hit something. Just a thought. Very nice looking product but I prefer light and rounded.


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The size and shape of the brush make it unlikely that you'll fumble it. If you fumble that thing, you're best off not going near your stylus anyway!
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when a designated record flipper is necessary... I just hate giving up control of the Urishi... :)


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I have to agree with Jazzfan. I can't imagine paying that much for a brush in my wildest dreams, but whatever floats your boat.

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You can buy a goat hair brush at most fine art supply stores what makes it worth so much? Like pop always said a fool and his money are soon parted.

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and looks almost as good. So why not spend another $486

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But it's worth it for the organic wagyu goat hair trimmed by virginal rheinmaidens... ;)

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weren't those little stylast brushes supposed to be made from human hair ? i remember one reviewer in tas preferring a blonde brush.

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Will buy you 4 or 5 live goats if you're ready to haggle a bit and as a bouns you'll never have to cut your lawn or drive to the shops for milk again... ;-)

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That's a good point why by the brush when you can buy the whole goat?

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by the way ...and it is possible to pay 125 Dollar more for an also handmade Cohiba - Behike ... only have fun for 1/2 hour and this is not even good for the records in the room :-)

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nothing beats the swiffer. i find these other ones to just push the dust.... swiffer picks it up!

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millions of "Needles" creates a flexible survace.With a little pressure it get into the record groove and hold the dust,that is the different between dustpusher or record cleaner ...

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... to inadvertently drop directly on that sharp metal edge. On the grooves of one of your favorites. Because when using the single-malt system, you don't tend to play disposables from the who-cares stack.
In the course of tens of thousands of record flips, scotch or not, you will drop the brush a couple times. Sharp metal edge ? Perhaps they could do some iphone style soft covers. Okay, no.

One of the least admired aspects of the not-very admired discwasher brush-- rounded wooden edges nearly everywhere. You can still do something drastic to damage grooves, but odds are it takes the roll and no issues. Oh, and keep the €350 to spend in the Scottish highlands.

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I have a vacuum machine to clean records that cost more than twice the price of our Dyson vacuum for the house. It uses $20 per bottle solution that is most likely 2 drops of something I already have in the house mixed with distiller water. I aim a $70 plastic gun at my records that makes sparks. Ever time I use it my High School aged daughter looks at me like I'm insane.

You have to look back and chuckle sometimes.

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apparently what could happen is that they will station you in a soundproofed room with cushioned walls where you brush the same record once, twice, (count along), three times, four times, still not done .......

I don't know, I'm not sure that's a win-win scenario there.

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I got a good chuckle from that one.

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Okki Nokki goats hair brush is £12 just doesn't look nice. Other cheap ones on Ebay.

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As someone already aluded to it, this will so charge the record with static electricity that, never mind attracting new dust, the existing dirt may never lift. Carbon fiber is the wy to go!

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Does it come with the goat you took the hair from??

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Are you kidding. I just checked with my butcher. He says he'll sell me the entire goat for 500 smackers.

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Michael, we hope the brush do its job well ;-) We are looking forward for your report...