Reporting Live From Munich's High End Show Starting Thursday

Coverage of Munich's High End Show, arguably the world's largest and best audio show begins Thursday, May 15th with tweets during the day (@analogplanet) and posts at night including GoPro videos posted to YouTube. Stay tuned!

Among the highlights will be a Saturday night visit to MPS studios to hear master tapes of a six LP Oscar Peterson set about to be released by the label and a comparison between the tapes and the records. I will be joining Dirk Sommer one of my favorite German reviewers and vinyl-o-philes. Should be a fun evening.

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Watch where you're swinging those alphorns!

Looking forward to the coverage Michael.

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Here's wishing you Gemütlichkeit !

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Trinke liebchen trinke schnell!


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That six LP Oscar Peterson set "about to be released" by the label MPS has already been released and is on sale here. For 300 CHF.
I saw it when I dropped by Musik Hug here. It looks very nice indeed.

I would be very interested in hearing whether you think it is worth getting.