Tri-Planar Introduces SE Version of its Standard 10" Tonearm

Tri-Planar's new SE version of its 10" tonearm (Mk. VII edition) features a shorter version of its damped carbon fiber arm tube found on the U12 model.

The SE is also fitted with the U12's silver internal wire and can be had with your choice of terminating plugs. The price is $7500 versus the standard model's $6200 cost.

For those too young to remember when this arm was introduced some forty years ago, it was the first or among the first arms to offer easy azimuth and VTA/SRA adjustability, among other features. Over time it has been significantly upgraded and improved.

Jim Tavegia's picture

I wish someone could market and affordable arm for DIY projects on old turntables. I wish Project could sell the arm on the Debut Carbon for $200. Many platters and motors only need a new arm to make them sing again.

andrewmorgan's picture

Then we wouldnt need to sell our car to buy a new arm. No consequences, no passion!!!!