Pro-Ject Upgrades RPM Line With New Tonearm and Other Refinements (Video Enhanced)

Pro-Ject introduced its new, upgraded RPM line of turntables at Munich's High End Show. The RPM 1 now features a new carbon fiber over aluminum arm tube as well as a new magnetic repulsion anti-skating system. The price will go up some but the exact price has yet to be announced.

The RPM3 Carbon features a larger plinth and features a bonded vinyl mat. Cost will be between $600 and $700.

The RPM5 gets the best Evolution carbon fiber tonearm with decoupled counterweight, an acrylic platter and inverted bearing as well as carbon fiber top plate for its MDF chassis. Price will be around $1000.

The RPM9 Carbon features a new damped with metal sand, monocoque carbon fiber plinth (Pro-Ject's first) and includes the Evolution tonearm as well as a heavy aluminum platter to which is bonded a vinyl mat. It will sell for about $2000.

The new top of the line RPM 10 Carbon can be had with an aluminum platter or at a higher price with a 30 kilogram damped brass platter. The heavier platter requires modifications to the magnetic levitation system. The aluminum version will cost around $3500, while the brass-plattered version will cost around $6000 (the aluminum one can be upgraded to the brass version.

The budget Elemental can now have an upgraded acrylic platter for around $100. Pro-Ject's Heinz Lichtenegger also showed me a new Experience line-up featuring matte instead of glossy finishes. Also new is a D.C. motor with built-in speed box and Evolution tonearm for around $400— a high value item with MDF platter. An aluminum platter version is also being contemplated.

I was also shown a new battery power supply for the Reference fully balanced phono stage. It is a $500 upgrade. The combination costs $1500, probably the least expensive fully balanced phono preamp on the market.

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were able to see the new Xperience 9? like the 10/12, but smaller, and with 9" evolution tonearm.

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Probably in the video now posted.
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$3k+ is pricey.
isn't project supposed to be affordable ?

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Pro-Ject's Debut Carbon at $399 is affordable and an excellent performer. The company's line extends down to a few hundred dollars and up to $10,000.
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Many owners want play their $399 carbons for a couple days. Beautiful tables. Do you want the cheapest Lexus or most expensive Toyota?

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Did you get any idea of when these tables would be available in North America?

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Probably in the Fall