Music Box Designs Says "Put Your Logo Here!"

Last fall AnalogPlanet posted a story about Netherlands based Music Box Designs, maker of sturdy, stackable wooden vinyl storage boxes.

The company owner asked if I could supply him with a high resolution file of the AnalogPlanet logo. A few weeks later a box from The Netherlands arrived in which was an oiled oak storage box. When I removed it from the shipping container on one side was the analogPlanet logo, looking great. The company can put your name or your company's logo on their boxes too. Just email and ask. This one looks great! Now I need to buy more records to fill it up.

Music Box Designs

John83's picture

These look great! You can order similar boxes in Canada, from All Solutions Printing. I believe there are also companies offering printed vinyl boxes in US as well. They surely do make you vinyl collection look even better and are very functionnal. Plus, they are environment friendly (if you find some made with natural paints).