Tidy Up Your IKEA Or Other Record Storage Units With Turntable Revival's Premium Backspacers

I usually ignore Facebook advertising—you know, the ads that offer miracle fixes in super fast motion—but one seemed to make too much sense to ignore and that was Turntable Revival's Premium Backspacers available for IKEA KALLAX/EXPEDIT shelves as well as ones from Target and Walmart/Better Homes and Gardens. These shelving units are not made for vinyl record storage but can be used for it and therein lies the problem Turntable Revival solves.

These shelves are too deep for records and there's no "backstop" so it looks untidy and we all love tidy (even those of us who are not). Yes, you can make these yourself if you have the time, inclination, wood and a well equipped wood shop but if your time is worth more than minimum wage, why bother? And please don't post comments with your handy dandy solution ("I saw off old Hula-Hoops into appropriate lengths and wedge them into the cublcles", etc.).

Turntable Revival sells these laser cut poplar wood Premium Backspacers for $3.00 each, which means for a 5X5 IKEA EXPEDIT unit, $80 gives you twenty five Premium Backspacers and 2 each easy peel double stick squares. Simply remove the records from the cubicle, stick two squares at the ends of a Backspacer's lower surface, carefully locate it at the back of the cubicle and press down. Return your records to the cubicle and now they line up neatly the way you always wanted them to. They are available in two widths depending upon whether or not you want the records flush with the front or slightly recessed, leaving a ledge for LED lighting or to show off your latest record "haul".

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My home cooked solution was to buy some quarter round moulding, had Home Depot cut a bunch of pieces to length (which they do at no charge). Stained them black to match my Expedit. Applied adhesive with a glue gun to the bottom of each piece. Pressed them into place using another piece of moulding to get the proper spacing. Then drilled three holes into each piece. Put finishing nails into the holes. My dad would have called this a rigamarole.

This solution is WAAAY easier!! If it was available I would have saved myself the time. So when my next Kallax purchase becomes necessary, I'll be going to the website to purchase. Thanks, Mike.


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cryin out loud

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I commented with my home solution. My bad. But no hula hoops!!


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this was a big issue for vinyl enthusiasts. At least the price is reasonable, though I imagine shipping will double the cost given their weight.

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extremely thin and light in weight. The picture shows a stack of them.
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But no better than 2x4s.

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These are very thin and lightweight. The photo is deceiving...
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Just as an aside, the IKEA Aptitleig chopping block is being touted as a great platform for turntables. Anybody tried one?

James, Dublin, Ireland

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I use 'pool noodles' to fill the back of my IKEA shelves. They are made of solid,pliable, durable foam. The are tubular and the ones I buy are 72" long x 2.25" diameter. These are sold very inexpensively...around $2.00 each at your local pool/spa supply store in many different colors, which I don't care about the color, as they are mostly hidden.

Just cut slightly longer than the width of the cubicle for a tight fit, install at the back of the cubicle. This keeps the records perfectly placed forward, against a soft and protective backing that will never scratch/dent your covers.


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They make shelving a lot easier. Its not just about tidy looks, keeps adjacent LPs from 'pushing in' when reshelving. Good product imo.

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I added backing to my 5 x 5 Ikea shelves. Assembled the Ikea, measured the distance edge to edge, side to side and top to bottom. Went to the hardware store and picked out some 1/4 inch board, the guys in the shop cut that to dimensions. Nailed the boards to the back of the Ikea. Not only will the LPs not slide out the back, the wood backing gives the Ikea much more stability to avoid the sideways collapses that sometimes happen. Project took about 2 hours and cost about $20.

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A properly built IKEA unit won’t collapse. Every single photo ever posted of a collapsed shelf always shows that the owner didn’t read the instructions and installed the primary support shelves incorrectly.

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I'm glad to see a commercial version of a not-to-be-mentioned-homemade-thingy.

I will spare myself the time and purchase these going forward.

And yes, neatly shelved records are totally worth it!

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I have been using strips of 15mm insulation tape. Super cheap and really good for converting Billy shelves for use with CDs.