Where The Hell   Do I Put That Record?????

Surely you've picked up a just cleaned record and need to put it down somewhere other than in the original jacket, or you've mistakenly pulled one to play while the one you've just finished playing still sits on the turntable or you've made some other brain-addled move that leaves one record in your hand with no place to put it. Well here's the TRANSIT PLATTER, the "why didn't I think of it" solution from the "stable geniuses" at stable 33.33.

On the Canadian company's website you'll find more variations on this device than you might have thought possible. I chalk that up to the long, cold, dark winters, but whatever, once you've gotten one of these, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

They are available in a basic $59.95 190g Delrin version with an attractive wood veneer top or a 994g (2 pounds plus) version of stainless steel and available in four finishes for $109.95 or the most expensive version, an engraved acrylic topped stainless steel one for $199.00. All feature an easy on the furniture felt bottom and of course a spindle on top on which you place your records. The website has all the necessary information for ordering and there's a video showing you how it's made.

You may be saying "Why the hell do I need something like that?", but trust me if you don't already have the answer, a time will come when you will! (Elusive Disc has just been named American distributor).


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In the company info.

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but, there are other more cost effective / multi-use options. Every time I finish cleaning a record, I set it on a candle (unlit, of course) while I write the date on the rice paper style sleeve it's going into. A Hydro Flask also works. Play on

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The link is missing a colon after https


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...the prices quoted in the article are in Canadian dollars. Even a better deal is US funds!

I saw these a few days ago and couldn't figure out what the hell they were for, (I perused the website pretty quickly). I originally thought they were platter mats.

The walnut one would sure look nice in my sound-room, however, I have no place to put it.

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Yup, just needed one yesterday. I'll check out Elusive and them direct if needed. They look great, thanks.

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When I clean records (usually four at a time), I just use cereal bowls. Turn them upside down and they fit the label perfectly.
At least mine do. Stable too.

What do I win?

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Good idea. Some of us appreciate a cheap, simple solution.

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A bowl of Kelloggs Frosted Flakes! They're GRRRRRREATTT!!!!!
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These work a charm! They are indispensable when spinning records at a show. We've witnessed MF needing a few more arms himself at shows. Talking, sleeving, unsleeving, shuffling jackets. It seems useless until you have one or drop that $200 first pressing!

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I like that idea , I can then buy more records with the savings !

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I can see it now, me and my cereal bowls on the cover of Analog Planet's October issue. If only...

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i park them temporarily in a wire form file organizer- a sort of desktop dishwasher plate rack. smooth rounded edges- works very well.

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OK, you bought a record at the
— local shoeshine (does anyone not sell records these days?) and it is covered in Shinola; or
— it is new and — “maybe” — it has some release agents that should be washed off

But other than that why would not a light brushing not suffice? Do you —
— Use one of the awkward new turntables with no lid?
— And grill salmon indoors?
— Smoke cigars?
— Cook meth?

Other than that, I cannot fathom.

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loaded with static, one pull of the LP out of the sleeve confirms this. i use my record doctor V to clean every new LP and then put it in an anti-static sleeve. the static is typically gone forever.

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Are you playing in a basement? I have not issue with static unless I'm in the basement during winder. OR when I had my Pro-Ject Perspective table... made of acrylic and sitting in that basement...