VPI Scout Junior Demoed at New York Audio Show 2014

VPI's new circa $1500 Scout Junior turntable is not quite ready for release but the company chose to demo it at The New York Audio Show.

The new 'table uses the Traveler's aluminum platter, an MDF plinth, an outboard motor and a yoke-type bearing system similar to the one used on VPI's headphone amp/phono preamp equipped Nomad. The new arm is said to be even more robust and virtually "indestructible" though VPI recommended against trying to break it.

The 'table is upgradable in steps and can be fitted with a 10" 3D "printed" tonearm a Classic platter, a single motor flywheel and upgraded feet to turn it into a $7000 turntable. Of course at that point you can have a VPI Classic 3 so that's probably not the most desirable upgrade path, but many of the other upgrades would certainly be worthwhile.

VPI hopes to sell the 'table for around $1500 pre-fitted with an Ortofon 2M Red or Blue. Meanwhile Mat Weisfeld said, the now 3 year old non-upgradeable Traveler will remain for now in the line and is still an attractive option of a vinyl fan not interested in getting on the upgrade train.

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Whoa now this is the one. Old turned new. Really upgraded it. Expensive but seems great. I used to have stuff like this, must show it to my dad.batman jacket on amazon.com

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it may be a fine table, as is the traveler, which Matt has said has been a "tremendous success." if so, why bring out another table at the same price point, one that comes with an excellent, if still TBD, cartridge?

makes me suspect something is planned for the traveler, either moving it up in price (at which point it's close to the scout) or discontinuing it all together, which would be odd for a "tremendously successful" design, after 3 short years.

so, just because you can build something, doesn't mean you should/

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Too many models. Who do they think they are Pro-Ject!!
Pro-Ject makes so many models that people don't take their high-end models seriously, even though they seem pretty good (6perspeX)
The same could happen to VPI if they are not careful. If they are going for shear volume that is another story.