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Michael Fremer  |  Feb 29, 2016  |  4 comments
Today is both “leap day” and the final Analogplanet Radio fundraising show of 2016. No “leap” songs today, but many about helping out others. “Others” in this case being WFDU, which derives 100% of its income from listeners, and none from advertising.
Michael Fremer  |  Jul 11, 2016  |  5 comments
An IKEA IVAR shelf full of records came tumbling down a few weeks ago. Fortunately no records or people were injured. The shelving was old, the records heavy, and the glue failed that had held together the upright’s cross members. (Photo show a pair of Pryma headphones from Sonus Faber. Beyonce worse a pair in the "Lemonade" video.) I thought I'd monitor the show in style.
Michael Fremer  |  Dec 28, 2015  |  23 comments
Today’s show was all Beatles from vinyl but with a “nerdy” twist (I guess we’re all nerds). For some tunes you get multiple versions to compare. For instance there are four versions of “I’ll Cry Instead”.

Michael Fremer  |  Aug 15, 2016  |  8 comments
AnalogPlanet Radio’s WDFU HD2 show today is all The Beach Boys—perfect for a scorchingly hot summer. And of course, all sourced from vinyl.

Michael Fremer  |  Jun 20, 2016  |  20 comments
This started out as an all-vinyl show about the late ‘70’s “angry young man” phenomenon epitomized by Graham Parker, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson.

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 14, 2016  |  13 comments
Greats continue to die and analogplanet radio continues to pay tribute, though we’d prefer that these ongoing passings stop!

Michael Fremer  |  Mar 07, 2016  |  2 comments
Today’s radio show is all about original soundtrack albums. The wide ranging musical choices includes westerns, science fiction, Blaxploitation and film classics beginning with Max Steiner’s “Gone With the Wind” produced as a suite by George Korngold, son of composer Eric Wolfgang Korngold.

Michael Fremer  |  Aug 08, 2016  |  8 comments
This week’s show marks the first anniversary of AnalogPlanet Radio. Hard to believe, but true!

Michael Fremer  |  Dec 21, 2015  |  9 comments
Here are two hours of vinyl-created Christmas music for you to play and share with your loved ones, curated and hosted by Analogplanet editor Michael Fremer.

Michael Fremer  |  Sep 14, 2015  |  5 comments
Today's Analogplanet radio show featured all "live" albums.
Michael Fremer  |  Aug 10, 2015  |  23 comments
Analogplanet Radio Show Number Two has been uploaded to this website.

Michael Fremer  |  Aug 25, 2015  |  9 comments
Analogplanet Radio show number four is now available for streaming/downloading.

Michael Fremer  |  Feb 01, 2016  |  10 comments
February is WDFU's annual pledge month. The station depends solely on listener pledge donations. So I have been asked to do the "pledge drive" show today and throughout February.

Michael Fremer  |  Jan 26, 2016  |  12 comments
Another tough week for rock’n’roll: Glen Frey and Mott the Hoople’s drummer Dale “Buffin” Griffin both passed away, too young.