Listen to Analogplanet Radio Show Number Two Here

Analogplanet Radio Show Number Two has been uploaded to this website.

To listen to the hour long show click here

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Thanks for this Michael. Am downloading now and looking forward to listening.

Its a fairly large file at 630M or so - have you considered offering it in multiple compression options? Not too much work your end I don't think.

ALAC would get it to between 300M to 400M and AAC to under a 100M maybe.

There are other options FLAC, Ogg, MP3 etc

I've guesstimated all of those figures btw.

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After I put it on the server and added the link, I clicked on it and within a few seconds it started playing and within a minute I was able to click further "down" and access the second half-hour.... I have Optimum and it's reasonably fast but nothing special...
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Now there is no excuse for not listening to your show, right? :)
I'll download it tonight or play it. I have a fast connection so it will take a minute, if that either way.

MicallefK's picture download on my Time Warner connection in Greenwich Village. But worth the weight.

Was the Stealer's Wheel track from one of the Intervention LPs Serinus write about today?

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Was from Intervention reissue I reviewed here the other day.
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If there's a better "edge-of-breakup" rock 'n roll voice than John's, I've not heard it. Makes me so happy.

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The live stream sounded better than the download. I recorded most of the live feed, saved it as a .wav and burned it to CD so I could listen in my car. I was BLOWN away during Baker Street by the piano. Maybe I've just never paid that much attention to the song before but that sound is now burned in my memory. I downloaded the file, converted it to .wav (again for the car) and the sound wasn't at all as clean as the stream. Maybe something in the download or converting process happened. CCR sounded like a garage sale copy. When you said it was the 45RPM version I knew something was wrong. Regardless the show was fun and I look forward to hearing it each week.

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Ok, I finally managed to download the show with my old PC (with Internet Explorer) and there is definitely something weird going on with the sound of this show - I can hear distortion (or buzzing) on half of the songs (definitely have to do with the converting process or the codecs of my computer, or maybe not). Just listen to the Simon and Garfunkel song, constant buzzing throughout.

Im using VLC to play the files. I also used dbpoweramp to convert the files to mp3-s and there is also distortion while I play the show on my big speakers via iPod.

Im not very familiar with the .aiff format. Maybe FLAC or WAV would be a better option in the future?

That said, loving the show.

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Michael... you nailed it! I thoroughly enjoyed the Analogplanet Radio Show Number 2. The variety was refreshing and I heard some new tunes I'll look for in the next few days. Keep up the good work and if you can stream the 1st show, please do.

Thank you from a bonafide vinyl junkie.

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Show #1 does not exist. However, I'm thinking of repeating it since so few people heard it to begin with...
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It is excellent!! I'm not just saying that.
You have everything one could want on your show. I grew up with radio shows just like what you do, back in the good ol days! Ah, the memories of free form radio and DJs being real people and not computer programs like we have now days!
With your show we get, information that is interesting and engaging, we get to hear things we do not normally hear or hear anymore and we get your fine voice skills and comedy both formed and you just being you.
Thank you for doing the show and doing such a great job.

I definitely want to hear more! From one ol radio guy who spent two years in the trenches to another...fine job indeed Michael! You nailed it!

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I was surprised how good the songs sounded on my puny laptop speakers, the selection was also very inspired and I had a great hour with you show. Thank you!

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Any way you can put this into a podcast feed so I can listen on my podcatcher of choice (currently the app on my phone)?

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And I wonder about the legality with royalties for the tunes. I know the radio station pays them and I figure on the website here, it won't be an issue. I'd have to further look into turning it into a podcast...
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Thanks for looking into it. A podcast feed may actually increase the traffic the show gets, since iTunes indexes them and can draw from a large user base.

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Can anyone recommend a download application which lets me resume the download? I have tried to download the file multiple times in Safari with "Download Linked File As.." (also on Google Chrome) but can only complete about 15% of the file, then it cancels the process. Im using a Mac and Im in Europe.

Cant wait to listen to the show.

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I didn't even know about the first one. Sadly, the newsletters have not been arriving consistently. I don't have an junk email filter, so it's not that. I've contacted Iverson, I think he's the one, a couple times to get the missing issues. Without the newsletter it's hard to tell if I'm missing something.

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Thanks Michael, that was funny! High notes that, "Ought to please any passing bat", "The acowstics are all wrong". I don't like, "Flutter on your bottom" either. Was that particular record from the fifties? They mentioned Bel-Canto and other references that I didn't know existed back then. Lots of fun!

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I went looking for the clip you mentioned. I found it interesting the website actually took the time to make the specific part available as a separate clip. They mentioned Magico, Synergistic Research and Ted Denney, power conditioner and so on.

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Loved the show, love the format, love the music, love the variety!

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For those of us without an iPod any chance you could cut some AAA transcription discs. Sorry couldn't resist. Looking forward to downloading later.

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I have Adobe Audition installed on a PC and it opened and played with that.

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I checked and it will also play with Jriver Media Center