AnalogPlanet Radio's "John (Cougar) Mellencamp" Radio Show is the Final Radio Show (Now! All 2 Hours)

Today's John (Cougar) Melloncamp WFDU HD2 radio show is the final AnalogPlanet radio show. It's sure been fun but it takes up a great deal of time producing and researching—much of every weekend—and it's time to put it to bed, though it's been a fantastic experience.

John Mellencamp just released his 23rd album called Sad Clowns & Hillbilllies. I haven't yet heard it, but I was invited to attend this evening an event at the McIntosh Townhouse in Soho at which John Mellencamp was interviewed about the record along with Carlene Carter who will be touring with him in support of the album.

The event was part of the "Direct Connection Series" sponsored in part by the McIntosh Group and here with Republic Records, which has released the record. The 65 year old singer/songwriter/fine artist spoke for around an hour about his music, his art and about making the record.

Afterwards, I got to speak with him for a few minutes and after I told him that I thought his records sounded consistently excellent he told me that he "still records everything on tape".

Today's show was sourced using the Ortofon A95 cartridge, SAT arm, Caliburn turntable, CH Precision P1 phono preamplifier with X1 power supply using a current amplification input, dartZeel NHB 18NS preamplifier and Lynx HiLo A/D converter.

Here's the final AnalogPlanet Radio show's playlist:

1) Hurt So Good
2) Cherry Bomb
3) Crumblin’ Down
4) Rain on the Scarecrow
5) Troubled Land
6) You’ve Got To Stand For Something
7) Pop Singer
8) Jack and Diane
9) Pink Houses
10) Down and Out In Paradise
11) Big Daddy
12) The Authority Song
13) Small Town (OP)
14) Small Town (RE)
15) Paper In Fire
16) Martha Say
17) Right Behind Me
18) Hand To Hold Onto
19) Jackie Brown
20) Longest Days
21) Save Some Time to Dream
22) No Better Than This
23) Minute To Memories
24) Don’t Forget About me

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Damn it! I hate to see it go. I'm trying to catch up on past shows so I hope they stay on Soundcloud. With that said, you did an incredible job. I loved hearing stuff I was unfamiliar with. The show exposed me to some great artist that I probably never would have listened to. It will be missed. Thanks for the memories.

OldschoolE's picture

Hey Michael, you had a good run. I used to be music director and associate producer for a radio show and I know how much work putting one together takes! I used to do the same thing, end up working on a 2 hour show all weekend! Back then I did not have a blog and such either. I could not do it today unless I gave up everything else.
I too enjoyed my 2 year runt time in radio a lot, until they tried to put me on air. For me, Music Director was where it was at as far as I'm concerned, that was my favorite job. As with all good things, they come to an end eventually.

HighNoon's picture

Oh gosh and darn. I'm really going to miss your shows on Sound Cloud Mikey.
Although I must admit, I did wonder with your heavy workload, how you managed to fit it all in.
I guess enthusiasm has a lot to with it, and I appreciate the sharing of your record collection with us all.
I would hope that all in the Audiophile community salute your efforts in the past and for some time to come.

Wimbo's picture

Appreciated the effort and
I always wondered where you got the time.

gMRfk6LMHn's picture

Every Monday at 5pm (our time) I would tune into AnalogPlanet Radio as I prepared dinner. Using knives and forks as I played air drums or when taking out a saucepan playing air guitar, or the ketchup bottle playing clarinet to all the great music you played. What the hell am I supposed to do now. Don't ever drop a BOMBSHELL like that ever again.

Seriously Michael 'THANK YOU' for the great entertainment between 5 and 7 pm here in good old Ireland.

James, Dublin, ireland

eugeneharrington's picture

Yes, I often wondered where you got the time and energy to do a radio show on top of all of the other commitments you have? There must be something in the water or the air in New Jersey! No doubt you'll be in Munich, Germany for the annual High End Show commencing on the 18th of May next, too. I applaud your energy, enthusiasm and diligence to the analogue cause! Will miss the show but all good things come to an end eventually, I guess.

Zardoz's picture

hate that you have to do it, but I totally understand. It was always a fun and interesting show, and I for one, always appreciated your hard work.
Thanks so much for all you do.

thomoz's picture

Shocked and stunned.

I wish there were a way to convince you to change your mind. The jokes and the stories were the best parts.

azmoon's picture

Sorry to hear it but I understand.

Thanks for the great shows! I loved your commentary the most.

Long may you run!

Ortofan's picture

Sorry to hear that the Monday team is breaking up - Uncle Floyd from 6-9 and MF from 12-2.
Fabulous sound from the A95, by the way.

JEB-42's picture

I've really enjoyed the broadcasts here on Analog Planet. I can't imagine the huge investment in time and recording that this has taken. However, I do appreciate it and will miss it! Thanks for the memories!

moby grape's picture

Can only imagine the time involved with the analog sourcing of your play list. I'd still like you to join me via a call in to my program on a future Tuesday, 4-6pm MDT. 91.3 FM in St. George. Believe you mentioned a good Zion story. My e-mail is

anomaly7's picture

I vote that you should get a Sirius XM radio show, and that your salary, while maybe not in the range of Howard Stern, be at least commensurate with your level of expertise in vinyl, and your talented humor.
Hopefully these shows will live on so I can catch up on them someday, and repeat my favorites.
Wait- maybe I should start downloading them before they're gone?


Michael Fremer's picture
Will remain on under "Music" at the top of the home page, drop down menu "AnalogPlanet Radio"
stephsrecords's picture

Any possibility you might try it again but maybe monthly or even quarterly? as a podcast? I have my fingers crossed. And thank you for the fantastic show.

Avehein's picture

And here I just started listening on Soundcloud. Clearly someone realized that I was liking it and so made you stop.

richiep's picture

the one day I missed the show and it's gone, Mondays always started the week off with anticipation of the next musical journey of fun and education, it will be missed. Following most of your travels and I am not surprised that time became the governing factor, maybe you can have an assistant do the set-up work (under your direction) and you can remotely do the show, thanks for the memories I shared with my wife, Rich

Michael Fremer's picture
Thanks all for the supportive comments. I'd love a show on SiriusXM but I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone there and I've tried...
Michael Fremer's picture
I'll fix that ASAP
Michael Fremer's picture
Full Hour up
Big Cap's picture

Now that Howard thinks it's cool that his daughter is listening to vinyl, this could be a perfect time to get a show on 100/101.

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Is a troll named Carl Engebretsen. He lurks wherever Michael Fremer can be found. He posts nonsense based upon his intense jealousy of me and of anyone who has an actual life, which he obviously lacks. Compare his comment here with all of the supportive ones from AnalogPlanet readers. He's a pathetic wanker. I could remove his comment but I'd rather let it stand, which is more than can be said for his micro-penis. On more than one occasion, Mr. Engebretsen has posted comments on the AnalogPlanet YouTube channel at around midnight on a Saturday night. In other words, I am what's on his mind late Saturday nights. How pathetic.