AnalogPlanet Radio's WFDU HD2 "Bang Your Head Against A Wall" All-Percussion Radio Show

AnalogPlanet Radio's "Bang Your Head Against a Wall" All-Percussion Radio Show can now be streamed here via the Soundcloud widget embedded at the bottom of this page.

Funny thing: when I popped the recorded CD of last week's show into my computer, iTunes tagged it as " Behaving Like a Christian". This week's show was tagged "Calvary Christian Center". Have I somehow tapped into the big J?

Note: Be assured no test tones were played during this show but the tracks will definitely let you check out your stereo!

These shows are recorded at CD resolution directly off the station's board. If you are wondering about how Soundcloud degrades sonics, compare the 96/24 file of "Ionization", which you can stream here with the version here, which is the second song in the set. I'm sorry to write that it's a pretty big difference, but it's the best we can do for now.

I think this show came out really well. Putting one of these together takes a great deal of time and effort but it's well worth it from my point of view: I get to hear a lot of interesting music hidden on the shelves, I get to evaluate the system's performance and, most interestingly, the on line research done to provide background for the selections is really interesting and enriching. So please enjoy this all-percussion AnalogPlanet Radio show!

1) Repercussion Unit: Dream Toon
2) Edgard Varese: Ionization
3) Les Baxter: Afro-Deesia
4) Olatunj: Akiwowo
5) Shelly Manne & Jack Marshall: Poinciana
6) Ferrante and Teicher: What is this Thing Called Love?
7) Brian Eno: Somber Reptiles
8) Enoch Light: I’m in the Mood For Love
9) Smoke & Mirrors: Vanquish
10) Arthur Lyman: Taboo
11) Rhythm Devils: Compound
12) Mickey Hart: The Gates of Dafos
13) In Percussion Orchestra: Bats In the Belfry
14) Dick Schory: Buckdance
15) Ferrante and Teicher: Tico-Tico
16) Marty Gold: Perdido
17) Martin Denny: Quiet Village
18) John Cage: Third Construction
19) Martin Denny: Jungle Drums
20) Son of Drum Suite: Dr. Skin and Mr. Hide
21) Manne-Lewis-Bunker: Funky Drums

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... (in addition to Motion In Percussion And Orchestra) on the Sonic Workshop label.

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I hadn't heard "Repercussion Unit: Dream Toon" before but I picked up Ed Mann's involvement within seconds.

Really great track. Might source one of those 1987 LPs.

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Really enjoy all of the effort you put into these shows. I am amazed at the sonic quality of the recordings from the 50's to early 60's. Truly fantastic. Maybe if you are in the mood and want to continue along this sonic timeline and put together a "Martini Music" show. Maybe Dean, Frank, Peggy Lee, Esquivel, et al. The golden years of Playboy music.

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Appreciate that! good idea too! But later on. Will give the exotica a rest as well..
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It sounds so much like Zappa, that it could almost be a rip off, but still very enjoyable to hear someone's influenced recording.

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In my head it was extremely obvious, but finally realized it may not be to everyone.

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Early years drum album in brazil

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Just want to mention that WFDU this month is having its annual fund drive . I myself donated. Hopefully other people on this site that live in the Tri state area will donate . It truly is a great station that plays great music. No format on the station . Thank you for turning me on to this station .
PS donate what you can they will take a dollar to what you heart wants.

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I will be making the appeal on Monday's "live" show.