AnalogPlanet Radio's WFDU HD2 "Saint Patrick's Day" Radio Show Streams Now

Today's AnalogPlanet Radio show celebrates Saint Patrick's Day with an eclectic assortment of tunes and artists designed to demonstrate the strong connection between Irish and American music. Van Morrison once famously quipped that American soul music derives from Irish music.

There's no "soul music" per se here, but the music has a great deal of soul and the connections between Irish and American folk music are made clear beginning with pipes player Davey Spillane's "Atlantic Bridge" featuring Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas. The sound is stupendous too.

In fact, Irish recording studios Lansdowne and Windmill have produced decade's worth of great sounding recordings. Musically and sonically this is one my favorite shows. Putting it together was a great deal of fun. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed transcribing and assembling it.

1 The Chieftains: O’Mahoney’s Frolics
2 Davey Spillane: Atlantic Bridge
3 Smith/Fellenbaum: The Strayaway Child
4 Tom Makem: Brian Boru
5 Steeleye Span: Paddy Clancey’s…
6 U2 I Ain’t Gonna Work on Maggie’s Farm
7 The Everly Brothers: Rose Connolly
8 Finian’s Rainbow: How Are Things in Gloca Mora?
9 Dave Swarbrick: Bottom of the Punchbowl
10 Van Morrison and Chieftains: She Moved Through the Fair
11 Fairport Convention: She Moved Through the Fair
12 Dolores Keane: My Love Is In America
13 Pat Rooney, Sr.: More I Cannot Wish You
14 The Pogues: I’ve Got a lot of Livin’ To Do
15 Paul McCartney: More I Cannot Wish You
16 Mary Black: No Frontiers
17 Bryan Ferry: Carrickfergus
18 Clannad: Ar a ghabhail ‘n a ‘chuain damh
19 The Chieftains: An Comhra Donn
20 Dolores Keane, Mary Black, Emmylou Harris: Sonny
21 Richard Thompson: New Fangled Flogging Reel
22 Gerry Rafferty: One Drink Down
23 Van Morrison: Streets of Arklow
24 The Kingston Trio: The Gypsy Rover

gMRfk6LMHn's picture

Be dad and be gorraahh twas a great show to be sure!

Glad you mentioned some great 'Oirish' recording studios Windmill and Lansdowne. A lot of tourists love getting Irish pressings of Irish artists. We even have a mastering facility over here!

Loved the show, keep them coming!

James, Dublin, Ireland

Michael Fremer's picture
You'd listen and comment! Thanks...
eugeneharrington's picture

Dan Fitzgerald who recorded many of the early Mary Black albums was two classes ahead of me at Rochestown College in Cork, Ireland in the early 1970s! He engineered Mary Black's 'No Frontiers' record, amongst others. 'No Frontiers' garnered huge praise from all of the major audio publications including 'Stereophile' (courtesy of Mikey)as I recall, back in the day! I just didn't know I was in the presence of a soon to be 'sound maestro' during my school days! Kudos to Dan Dan.

Anton D's picture

I now realize I have been fully sucked into the world of these shows because I find myself saying, "Oh! Good one! But, how about...."

Can't cheer or kibitz unless we are involved!

Nice show.

gMRfk6LMHn's picture

A track from two of our best 'Irish' bands Planxty and Moving Hearts are a must for next year St. Patrick's Day show.

James, Dublin, Ireland

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My mother was an O'Brien from Tipperary.
I've been to The Rock.

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A lot of tourists love getting Irish pressings of Irish artists. We even have a mastering facility over here!