Analogplanet Radio’s “Help” Show Now Available For Streaming Here and on the Website

Today is both “leap day” and the final Analogplanet Radio fundraising show of 2016. No “leap” songs today, but many about helping out others. “Others” in this case being WFDU, which derives 100% of its income from listeners, and none from advertising.

Here is today’s set list:

The Beach Boys “Help Me Rhonda” (stereo)
Joe Cocker: “With a Little Help From My Friends”
James Taylor: “You’ve Got a Friend”
The Beatles: “Help”
The Hollies: “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: “Help, I’m a Rock”
Bill Withers: “Lean on Me”
David Byrne and Brian Eno: “Help Me Somebody”
Hank Locklin: “Please Help Me I’m Falling”
The Traveling Wilburys: “Handle With Care”
Small Circle of Friends: “With a Little Help From My Friends”
Joni Mitchell: “Help Me”
Muddy Waters: “You Gonna Need My Help”
The Youngbloods: “Get Together”
Bob Dylan: “Pledging My Time”
Tom Waits: “Step Right Up”
Bing Crosby: “I’ve Got Five Dollars”
Badfinger: “Money”
The Damned: “Lovely Money”
Roy Orbison: “Crying”

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Hi Michael,

In your show you mentioned a record that got "recalled" due to stupidly horrible sound. It's awesome when they listen to customers.

I have an example of one I probably should have returned, The Shouting Matches "Grownass Man." The music is pretty cool, nothing earth-shattering but fun bluesy rock. But the production value was so LOW, in an "indie, low-fi, shoe gaze" way that it seriously detracts from the performance. It's as if they went for a certain aesthetic that truly hurt them, and I can't reconcile that beyond concluding they just don't give a shit about their music or us. It's a bad place to be for both of us.

It's a shame because the pressing was really nice and quiet. I downloaded the MP3 version from the included card. It sounds almost the same, possibly better-balanced actually. When I look at the price difference between the MP3 release and the LP I'm not happy.

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Too much of that going on right now...
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Enjoyed the cover version of the Zappa composition. The early Mothers records were on Verve, a subsidiary of MGM, not MGM proper. You're right, it didn't sell many copies when it first came out.

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My bad. Of course I know that. I have originals of all the Verve Mothers and Zappa records!