Stream AnalogPlanet Radio’s Revolver 50th Anniversary+Spoon+Super Furry Animals WFDU HD2 Radio Show

August marked the 50th anniversary of the UK release of Revolver. Author Harvey Kubernik (Turn Up the Radio", “Canyon of Dreams", “A Perfect Haze: An Illustrated history of the Monterrey International Pop Festival", and Leonard Cohen everybody knows) asked if I’d contribute to a collection of Revolver recollections he was compiling to commemorate the 50th anniversary and of course I said “yes”, not knowing where it would be published.

Turns out it was in the latest issue of Jim Kaplan’s print and online publication “Record Collector News”.

So you can read it there, along with musings of many others but I also chose to read what I wrote on this show, plus of course play tracks from the album.

But that wouldn’t make a complete two hour show nor would it be particularly interesting, so I chose to intersperse Beatles tracks with those of two Beatles influenced bands that are not exactly household names, but deserve to be: Super Furry Animals and Spoon, both of which were spawned in the late ‘90s.

So here’s the set list. You’ll note “Here,There and Everywhere” accidentally played twice. That was a mistake. Also to add some interest, there are cuts from original UK stereo and mono copies, as well as one digitally sourced stereo reissue track, one from the all-analog mono set and one from Mobile Fidelity’s early 1980’s box set.

Care to guess which is which?

1) Super Furry Animals: Baby Ate My Eightball
2) The Beatles: Taxman
3) Spoon: Don’t Let It Get You Down
4) SFA: Hello Sunshine
5) The Beatles Eleanor Rigby
6) Spoon: Everything Hits At Once
7) SFA: Golden Retriever
8) The Beatles: I’m Only Sleeping
9) Spoon: Don’t Let it Get You Down
10) SFA: Venus and Serena
11) The Beatles: Here There and Everywhere
12) Spoon: The Fitted Shirt
13) SFA: Lazer Beam
14) The Beatles: I Want to Tell You
15) Spoon: The Mystery Zone
16) Spoon: The Beast and the Dragon Adored
17) SFA: Zoom
18) The Beatles Here There And Everywhere (duplicate)
19) Spoon: You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
20) The Beatles: And Your Bird Can Sing
21) Spoon: They never Got You
22) Spoon: The Way We Get By
23) Spoon: Sister Jack
24) The Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows

RobWynn's picture

"Fitted Shirt" is one of my favorite Spoon songs of all time, second only to the cinematic "Metal Detektor" from "Series of Sneaks".

One thing you can say about CDs... it is thanks to the $1.99 CD bin of my local CD store back in '96, that I discovered Spoon.

Michael Fremer's picture
Back when I had The Tracking Angle I was inundated with CDs most of which were toss-worthy. "Series of Snakes" stuck way out....I kept it. A few years ago it was finally issued on vinyl...
thomoz's picture

Someone should make a big deal about this, how about you, next week?

"Baby Ate My Eightball" sounds like "Baby Universal" by Tin Machine.

Michael Fremer's picture
I will compare
IR Shane's picture

Have all the Spoon records, but had to get me some Super Furry Animals after this. Damn those prices almost had me clicking the CD button!

Thanks for these SFA tracks Michael, great stuff!

tommyr's picture

That was a great show and I'm listening again intently to complete the challenge on the source of the Beatles' tracks. Thought that you would like to know that some SFA animals are coming back in to print and it seems to be done iteratively: Mwng was re-released last year (Welsh language lp) and Fuzzy Logic is due out later this year to coincide with a UK/Europe tour. I don't think the other lps are available and the prices have gone skywards. I will definitely look out for Spoon after hearing them on the AP Radio this week.

elijahnelson's picture

It's a wonderful way to bridge the generational gap and show how The Beatles' artistry continues to resonate with artists and mapquest listeners across different eras.

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