Stream Analogplanet Radio's First Pledge Show Now!

February is WDFU's annual pledge month. The station depends solely on listener pledge donations. So I have been asked to do the "pledge drive" show today and throughout February.

The picture shows pledges being counted by staff. Dig that great looking vintage board! But don't expect the usual dreary PBS type whining for money! I was on fire and I think you will be entertained by the patter but even if you are not, the musical choices will keep you tuned in. Most of it is from vinyl. A few tracks are not. Here's the set list and note we got through the first show without playing the abvious: Pink Floyd's "Money":

Chuck Brown: We Need Money
Cyndi Lauper: Money Changes Everything
Barrett Strong: Money (That's What I Want)
C.R.E.A.M.: Wu Tang Clan
The Beatles: Taxman
Abba: Money, Money, Money
Liza Minelli: Money Makes the World Go Round
Aerosmith: Eat the Rich
Ellington/Mingus/Roach: Money Jungle
Smokey Robinson and The Miracles: (I Need Some) Money)
Steve Miller Band: Take the Money and Run
J. Geils Band: First I Look at the Purse
AC/DC: What Do You Do For Money Honey
Nine Inch Nails: Head Like a Hole
James Taylor: Money Machine
The Beatles: Money (That's What I Want)
The Kinks: Moneygoround
Dire Straits: Money For Nothing

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No "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" (by anyone)


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and "Lawyers Guns and Money" etc.
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This was a great reminder of how much fun I had working the board for my daily shift at my first college radio station and the joy of making our own commercials in the studio with help from friends and then spinning lp after lp. then after I got hurt playing football I teamed with my roommate and we broadcast the football and basketball games home and away and that was great fun. Thanks for reminding me of what fun we had.

Your music sounds spectacular, slighly better (LOL) that our noisy, idler tables with 12" wood tonearms with a Gates console, Shure phono stage, and Stanton 500Es or Shure M44s.

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...the Be(a)tles Copyright Police™ don't pull your Soundcloud clip for including two of their tracks. Likely not, but you never know.

I need to share more of these broadcasts to the vinyl-wary people I know. Aside from a couple of ticks in the ABBA and Ellington/Roach cut (so far), no casual listener would even guess these are vinyl. Great broadcast!

BTW, just curious--do you digitize these at home and provide a 24/96 copy to the station, or do you bring in the actual records? I know I would feel safer keeping my records at home, but that's just me.

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Because it would otherwise be impossible to produce the show in the studio. Sound would be better recorded at 88.2/24 (easier math) but I want the higher rez archives. No way I'd bring records there to play on the studio turntables and it couldn't possibly sound as good.
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Just an fyi, a lot of mastering engineers, Barry Diament in particular, say there is no sonic advantage to recording to 88.2 (as opposed to 96k or higher) with the intent of downsampling to 44.1k, and the "math" is incredibly simple for any modern computer.

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Told me otherwise...
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to 'Jackie Mason', nothing gets me in the philanthropic mood quite like 'Christopher Walken'. lol.

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by Roger Waters. Perhaps Gallows Pole by Led Zeppelin. Fortunate Son? Just typing out loud.