AnalogPlanet’s All The Beach Boys WFDU HD2 Radio Show Streams Here Now and at

AnalogPlanet Radio’s WDFU HD2 show today is all The Beach Boys—perfect for a scorchingly hot summer. And of course, all sourced from vinyl.

It also coincides with Analogue Productions having completed its The Beach Boys catalog reissue series. Most of what you’ll hear on today’s show was sourced from Analogue Productions’ reissues though there are a few original pressings followed by the same song on the reissue so you can directly compare the two.

Original pressings are identified by an asterisk, otherwise you’re listening to the reissue, with a few notable exceptions:
“Good Vibrations” is presented twice: the first version is from a mono 78rpm 10” pressing Capitol released for Record Store Day 2011, cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering. The Continuum Caliburn can spin at 78rpm so you are in for a treat there and on the alternate version of “Heroes and Villains” also cut at 78rpm from that RSD issue.

“Sail on Sailor” is from an original white label promo. The Analogue Productions reissue was not yet received and “Isn’t it Time” from the most recent Beach Boys album That’s Why God Invented the Radio was of course an original pressing and no doubt recorded digitally as you’ll hear. There are good and bad aspects of that recording.

The show ends with “Love and Mercy” from the eponymous Brian Wilson album on Sire/Reprise.

Gear used was: Audio-Technica ART1000 cartridge, Swedish Analog Technologies SAT arm, Continuum Caliburn turntable, Audio Research Phono Ref 3, Audio Research Ref 6 preamplifier, Lynx HiLo A/D converter, Vinyl Studio software.

Enjoy the show!

Some listeners who have both clicked on the embedded Soundcloud player below and streamed from the website claim that the sound streamed from the WFDU site is far superior to Soundcloud, though others say the opposite. Try both!

Here’s the track list:

Surfin’ Safari
Fun Fun Fun
I Get Around
California Girls (MONO)
Shut Down
All Summer Long
Help Me Rhonda (single version)
Help Me Rhonda (Album version)
When I Grow Up
When I Grow Up STERE0
Good Vibrations MONO 78 rpm
Good Vibrations (stereo)
In My Room
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Let’s Go Away (STEREO)
I should Have Known Better/Tell Me Why
Sail On Sailor *
Add Some Music *
Add Some Music
Don’t Worry Baby
Disney Girls
This Whole World *
This Whole World
Heroes&Villains 78rpm alt. version
You’re So Good to Me
Til I Die
Surf’s Up
Isn’t It Time
Love and Mercy (Brian Wilson)

ILikeMikey's picture Music City!

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I am listening to the stream from WFDU.

Stream cut off 2 of the first 4 songs. Song would abruptly stop and next selection would immediately begin.

Will try to download the podcast or try Soundcloud


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I played through from Soundcloud. Some issues with distortion and did not sound as clear as what I briefly heard from the direct stream. However SC is good enough to discern the quality of recordings used in the podcast.

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That's Why God MADE the Radio!
Invented doesn't scan!

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played the show using the Soundcloud player & everything went well and sounded lots better than I thought it would, thanks. It was nice to finally heard the RSD 78rpm disc although now that I have a new 'table (Rega SP-10),I plan to put the 78 kit on the old Pro-Ject Debut III so I can play my copy. The only issue will be switching styli and changing tracking weight to play shellac 78s but such is life.

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If you listen carefully, you'll hear the intro guitar to "Fun Fun Fun" on the WFDU stream, but it then jumps into the middle of "I Get Around". No such skip on the Sound Cloud.

Regarding the sonics, I'd say there's a bit more depth on the WFDU (which used to be an all-fondue station) than on the Sound Cloud, but I'm afraid to continue with the WFDU stream. Plus navigation is better with the Sound Cloud.

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My wife and I actually were so taken with this show that we decided to continue to listen rather than watch the Olympics closing ceremonies.

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Michael, I hear the slight suckout that you talk about, particularly with the new AP of Beach Boys Today! My original, which is actually quite good, is not as resolved as the AP. The AP is more harmonically sophisticated and more detailed. But that midrange suckout pulls back their voices and the instruments compared to my original. In some ways, the original is more exciting. With much of the top end sounding a bit rolled off on both, the new one sounds a little too musically laid back. The original is punchier.

There's no doubt that the bass is more extended on the AP, helping to render better room ambience and space. Overall, I'm not sure which copy I prefer. I wish they could combine the greater resolution on the new one and punch it up, sort of the way the original UK Beatles Parlophones are.