Meet Show Four, Same As Show One (But Different)

Analogplanet Radio show number four is now available for streaming/downloading.

Yesterday's show was produced live but because few people heard the first show and it wasn't recorded, I decided to repeat the musical content, though the live, on-air part was new. I hope you enjoy listening!

You can stream yesterday's show live by clicking here

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Maybe I've just never listened close enough but the acoustic guitar on "How Can You Mend..." was incredible! Original pressing?

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The Mobile Fidelity edition of "Trafalgar"....
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This has been reported elsewhere but I only seem to be able to ever download the first 15 minutes of each show despite numerous attempts. Am based in Europe downloading using a laptop with Windows OS. Final sizes reported at 600MB but only around 125MB arrives. Help!

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I was the one with the problems in Europe. After 20 failed attempts with my Mac (with Mozilla, Safari and Google Chrome) I decided to boot up my old computer with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11 and managed to download the show on first try. Internet Explorer lets you resume the canceled download.

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Thanks for the advice. I did the same as you and had the same problem...but overlooked the fact that I could resume a canceled download. I'll have another try. Fingers crossed.

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Hi Mr. Fremer, i've been lurking analogplanet for a long time, but just joined to say thank you for the great shows!
very interesting/informative and with awesome sound too:)

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HTML 503 error: "Service unavailable." No Mikey Show™ for me! :(

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Aah OK, thar she goes...downloading now!