Download or Stream Analogplanet Radio’s Christmas Show Now

Here are two hours of vinyl-created Christmas music for you to play and share with your loved ones, curated and hosted by Analogplanet editor Michael Fremer.

The selections are:

Leroy Anderson-Sleigh Ride (Mercury original)
The Ronettes-Frosty the Snowman (Philles original)
Perry Como-Home For the Holidays
Ella Fitzgerald-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Elmo&Patsy-Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
Pee Wee Herman-Don’t Drink and Drive PSA
Vince Guaraldi Trio-Oh Tannenbaum (AP double 45TP)
The Pretenders-2000 Miles (UK 12” single)
Darlene Love-White Christmas (Philles original)
The Jackson 5-Santa Claus is Coming To Town
Jimmy Boyd-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Spike Jones and His City Slickers-Two Front Teeth
Raymond Scott-Toy Trumpet (from CD, sorry)
Elvis Presley-Blue Christmas
Jesse Ed Davis-Santa is Getting Down
Los Lobos-The Christmas Song
The Ramones-Merry Christmas I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight
Darlene Love-Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Frank Sinatra-I’ll Be Home For Christmas
Michael Jackson-Little Christmas Tree
REM-Deck the Halls
Wynton Marsalis-Sleigh Ride
Whitney Houston-Do You Hear What I Hear?
The Temptations-Silent Night
The Roches-Adeste Fidelis
Various-Joy To the World
Michael Hedges-Prelude to Cello Suite #1 in G. Major
Bing Crosby-White Christmas
Chet Atkins-Jingle Bell Rock
The Pretenders-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Bing Crosby-White Christmas
Ernest Ansermet-The Nutcracker Suite

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas Everyone!

Andy Slusar's picture

Thanks for the great Christmas show, it jogged a memory of Art Carney's Night Before Christmas. Here the link, its priceless!

Auric G's picture

great tunes, very entertaining. Worthy of a second listen. And don't let anyone say you ain't smoov, cuz you is. Like a fine bottle of ripple.

recordhead's picture

So can I edit out the WFDU mentions and any other audio (weather, promos) that would tie this to WFDU and air this on my commercial station during our Christmas programming?

Michael Fremer's picture
I don't think that's such a good idea... I mean if you do it I can't stop you from doing it and I doubt FDU would find out but I'm not sure if it's legal to do that... I am able to post it here due to their generosity and good graces so it's not something I'd care to abuse..but it is up to you....
recordhead's picture

I'd love to play it but only with permission. Great job as always!

Kirby's picture

Good show Michael! Great to hear tunes that are new to me, even if there 40 years old. Just picked up copies of A Christmas Gift for You and Ella Swinging Christmas, both without a doubt digy dubs but still better on vinyl than seedee. Had the Ella on cd and the vinyl, well you know. Wish I had an org of the Philles, the reissue while not bad isn't great. But WOW Darlene Love's voice! I'd only heard Marshmallow World on a commercial before, great tune wish you could have shared that one to. Good show, keep up the great work! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Kirby's picture

Also got the "A Charlie Brown Christmas" today AP 33 1/3 version, sounds wonderful, can only imagine how good it would be on 45. The cymbals in Oh Tannenbaum on your stream was coming from 3 feet to the left of my speakers! Loved it!

Audiobill's picture

I was listening to this program on headphones last night, and I noticed another program that could be faintly heard in the background. This was easier to hear during the parts in which you are talking. Thinking that it might be inherent to my system, I listened today at work to a completely different download. It's the same, and the dialog matches what I heard at home. The same phenomenon can be heard on the Lacquer Show. I'm guessing it must be something in your studio equipment (possibly from the HD1 program that is being broadcast at the same time as your recording). Just a wild guess, but once noticed it becomes very annoying because it can be heard during quiet music passages as well.

gerrysmith's picture

This Is A Good Tune. Really Enjoyed...

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