Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge from Music Direct Sweepstakes

Register to win an Ortofon 2M Black Phono Cartridge from Music Direct (MSRP $720.00) we are giving away.

From Music Direct:

Music Direct is happy to offer a brand-new Ortofon 2M Black for one lucky subscriber to Michael Fremer’s Analog Planet. The flagship of the 2M line, the Black is absolutely one of the finest Moving Magnet cartridges ever built. The 2M Black has Ortofon’ s best Shibata stylus, which is usually found on much more expensive cartridges.  It’s fast, dynamic, extremely well-detailed, yet supremely musical. A Music Direct best-seller, this $720 cartridge digs deep down into the grooves, playing parts of the groove no other stylus has ever reached. Good luck to all of you.

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To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on this website. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column (under the ads). Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So post a comment, and good luck!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Toddh76's picture

Hey Mr. fremer make my blue black!


my vpi traveler deserves it!

Dave WV's picture

Fingers crossed!

JC1957's picture

with this cartridge. My records deserve nuttin' but the best.

yuritepi's picture

i would love to have one

matthra's picture

this cartridge would go great with that turntable I'm gonna get.

vinyl listener's picture


good luck guys

orthobiz's picture

...but I still haven't won a sweepstakes...



JB's picture

Love that cartridge.

Mistermuse1's picture

In the market for a new cart.

liuj88's picture

I can really use this!

howardk's picture

I'll take one!

Kindofblue's picture

I have an Ortofon Blue (on Clearaudio Concept).  I wonder how much better this will be!

Gonza200's picture

Beautiful Cartridge! This would make my turn table sing.

UncleHalsey's picture

Pick me, say I!

jeffrosen's picture

Tonearm is asking for a new cartridge. Embarrassed to come play with old worn out one

ejk's picture


MartyTem's picture

Please pick me.

anjeza1987's picture

....i need her madlybroken heart

vinylvin's picture

Send it here.

MatthewSTL's picture

Heard so many great things about the Ortofon Black...would love to hear my VPI HW-19 JR with this cartridge. 

Another great sweepstakes. Thanks!

Moko's picture

Hopefully today will be my lucky day & I will finally hear one of these amazing cartridges

Wcwc's picture

I really need a new cartridge. Hope I win.

Stirrio's picture

and the only prescription is more Ortofon!

iyke's picture

Yes! Yes! Ortofon me, please! 

fredbro44's picture

This cart will go great with my VPI

mssisem's picture

Hope I win it

TWjones's picture

Go Music Direct!

Csbushover's picture

got a blue but need a black

azmoon's picture

Nice cart

Steve Whitcomb's picture

I need an upgrade. A new cartridge would be perfect. Wish me luck!

Vanderfuzz's picture

One of those looks mighty nice. 

TinEar's picture

May the person who needs it the most win!

PaulK's picture

Well I have been a lurker and a reader of Michael's for a long time.  Now a registered reader!

randybass's picture


longlivethequeen's picture

So are magnets, especially when they are moving in the groove.

NotLoud's picture

It would be a treat, thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you!!!

scottlfinSF's picture

Looks like a really nice cartridge!

js's picture

This would be cool.

Jawa's picture

It would be neat to win...

DeeJayBump's picture

I'll give it a shot.

Shaffer's picture


JoeM's picture

Count me in please.

jackholexxxx's picture

Jackholexxxx FTW!!

Mrs. Peel's picture

Would love to compare with my Ebony Maestro

Anxietyprone's picture

I would like to win because Orotofon and Music Direct and Mikey equal high quality, integrity and musical joy. 

Zardoz's picture

Michael, you and Music Direct rock!!

mneitzel's picture

I would Love one!

jamey_pearson's picture

I enjoy the Ortofon 2M Red that came on my tt.  I would love to hear the 2M Black!

AndyPrice44's picture

I used to own a 2M red at one point. I always wondered what the black sounded like. Please enter me in the contest. Thanks.

JonKranz's picture

Oooh. My S.O. loves a stylus capable of digging deep into the grooves. I hope I win, 'cause if I win, she wins, too.

mauidj's picture

Mahalo for a lovely bit of kit. Aloha!

Brown Sound's picture

Oh yeah, sign me up!!

flatmap's picture

Have always wanted to try the ortofons.

Devloui's picture

Haven't tried a MM in a long time. It'd be great to hear how a current top-of-the-line MM does!

WaxtotheMax's picture

I think this just maybe might be useful!!

Cardinals's picture

Never heard an Ortofon

johnsonm's picture

Cool contest. Wishing myself luck.

Triode4's picture

Hope it happens!

FamMan's picture

2M Black is what I lack.

Nfbgcycler's picture

Yes please. I'm in!

reddog's picture

Fingers crossed

ardy22's picture

would love to try this out!

JJW's picture

My 2M red needs a friend

VinceTK's picture


8thman's picture

This would fit perfectly on my turntable!

madoco's picture

YES YES, Fond of the 2M Black

Audiophiliac1000's picture

Needs new shoes...

mtabrams's picture

Please upgrade my 2M Red!

rjs4ol4e's picture

I have and love the 2M Blue, excited I might get to try the black.

planarhead's picture

Please count me in thank you!

nogan's picture

My Rega Exact needs replaced this would be great. Love this site!

casey2349's picture

Would be a welcome addition!  Thanks.

djcous's picture

Pick me please

Stu Morgenstern's picture

Newly restored AR3A's. Can't afford any of that new fangled HiFi gear. Know what I mean, Vern?

jun sagun's picture

Please let me have this... Im stuck with my 0M5E.


flyboy's picture

A great cartridge! Hope it makes it my way!

davezp25's picture

Nice Cart

tbeavan's picture

Wonder how it'd sound fitted on my old Linn Axis....

jmq's picture

This looks very grand. I'd like to take one home with me!

burnspbesq's picture

Bet this would go nicely with my current table, and even better with the table I'm lusting after.

G.R.Noakes's picture

   ...To throw my hat into the ring also.



careybsn's picture

Good luck!

SpinMark3313's picture

Yup, oh yeah...  Stylus on the current cart needs some love.  This 2m black would be terrific.

Claus35-DK's picture

<3 Analog Planet

Such good reviews and articles!

Peterlh's picture

Hope I win. smiley

JRSBat's picture

Liked the OM30 - would really like this cart!

mfant's picture

Love the website, Michael. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these sweet cartridges. Keep up the good work!

Yogamarc's picture

My VPI would love this!

buckeyeanalog's picture

Wow! This could be good. 

Westrell's picture

Always good to have more cartridges......

schmecty's picture

Been Scouting this one.

amsco15's picture

Please count me in!!!

Grugnale1's picture

Count me in ! 

vozhyk87's picture

Did I win?!

jgrillo's picture

Currently on Dynavector but would love to try an Ortofon!

Bix's picture

Yes please.

earlyprinting's picture

Let's see; do I like vinyl better because some of the world's finest recordings are only available on LPs; because I can still get near mint classical music LPs for $1 - $3 each; or is it just because LPs sound so much better?

larryweaudio's picture

Thanks AP & MD !

jgruesen's picture

.. to spend the hour it will take to intall 2M Black in a SME SIII.

soundcents's picture

Like the Red that came with my carbon.... I am sure the sonic upgrade would be amazing. I'll cross my ears and hope to find out.

sluggobeast's picture

Ortofon, you'll love the vinyl you'll play in from my collection!

mcrushing's picture

This would be a vast improvement on my current, not-so-fabulous mm pickup!

Dual's picture

Happy to add this comment.

upsetter801's picture

Count me in.

eeifb's picture

Nice cartridge

Ddncons's picture

I'd love to have this fine cartridge!

sharris55's picture

I have had several Ortofon's over the years.  This one is supposed to be very nice.

Casey737's picture

That will go great w/ the new VPI Scout SE that I just ordered.

Bromo33333's picture

WOuld love this cart!

Anodyne71's picture

Would love to try this cartridge out on my Thorens TD-145.  Need it badly!

NDjammer88's picture

I am curious to hear the difference a shibata stylus would have on classical recordings.

Seadog709's picture

Teacher needs a new groove plow.

Hayduke's picture



Very nice!

tamarsw's picture

Nice, I am an Ortofon fan

vinyl_ninja's picture

She's a beauty eh?

ZombieFish's picture

on my system.


It really would.



John Vourtsis's picture

Good luck me!

zepfred's picture

Ortofon black For The Win! 

jlafount's picture

I've heard good things about Ortofon

jackhamm's picture

I'd love to win this

kurb1980's picture

rocketmotor's picture

Fun awaits...

straylight's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

Nightfly3000's picture

Let's dig into the grooves!

aangen's picture

Hooray, I win?

kevinfree's picture

I'm in!

bkelley3rd's picture

2M Black would be a nice change on my Music Hall 7.1 table.


Curvfalls's picture

Papa needs a new pair of shoes!

Buzzman's picture

Wife just had our first kid.  I'm under house arrest.   I need this.     Please enter me in the contest.  


-Buzz Hughes

anomaly7's picture

I love the Ortofon sound. 

I'd love it more in my living room!

Wickedexile's picture

Would be nice

Too Loud A Solitude's picture

I've currently had a 2M Bronze on my Rega P5 for the last 2 years which I've loved, but an upgrade to the 2M Black would be awsome.

Thanks for the contest.

hailhalehail's picture

Yes, please!

SVinTO's picture

So I think I'll LOVE a 2M Black!

Spinnin's picture

Let me give it a try; and I will let you know how it plays out.

Bflodave's picture

Saweeeeet cartridge.  Please let it come my way.

garymckee's picture

digs deep down into the grooves, playing parts of the groove no other stylus has ever reached.

doorofkukundu's picture


collinrobinson's picture

Count me in! Thanks

Yennes's picture

Is it as fast as an M3?

freenwood's picture

Would love to win this cartridge!

marksnyderman's picture

I'd love to upgrade my 2M Red. 

huntermark's picture

...isn't it?

mrdon01's picture

This would be a nice addition to my addiction. wink

musicistheanswer's picture

A new cartridge is what I need.

hey hey

(to the tune of Aloe Blacc's "I need a dollar"

homersoddishe's picture

thank you.

mtbikemusic's picture

I'd gladly comment on it in comparison to my $140 Denon MC.

henrybemis's picture

What an awesome prize! 

prof's picture

That sounds like a nice cartridge.

chiagerald's picture

Please oh please!! :)