Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Force Gauge from Needle Doctor Sweepstakes

Register to win a Ortofon DS-1 Stylus Force Gauge from Needle Doctor (MSRP $159.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The DS-1 is manufactured in Japan, and is among the most accurate stylus force gauges available today.  Offering a reading up to 0.1, the DS-1 allows the user to carefully dial in the designated tracking force for any phono cartridge.  Safe to use with either MM or MC type cartridges, the DS-1 is as versatile as it comes.

Setting the tracking force of a phono cartridge accurately goes a long way in how good your vinyl rig will sound.  Folks can even taylor the sort of sound they prefer by making slight adjustments either way.  

The DS-1 helps take the pain out of turntable set up by offering a spot-on reading instantaneously.  It's among the easiest and most important tools for your vinyl toolbox!  

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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This would work better than my bathroon scale.

Please enter my name---

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I'm in.

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Like it better if I win.

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Sign me up!

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Elvis and Jack need that. 

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I could always use a better scale.  And new cart time is coming up...

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I need this one for my Thorens turntable.Thank you very much.

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I'd love to have one of these!

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Thank You!

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I love Needle Doctor.  Good people to work with.

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I'd be pleased to win this devise!  Thanks

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This ort to be fun...and mine

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Thanks a lots useful information sharing of "Ortofon DS-1 Stylus"..... Good work..


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This is the one.

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I am in as well. Thanks.

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oh yeah!

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My 30-yr. old Shure SFG-2 is getting creaky.....

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Always wanted to know how much my record player weighs.

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Count me in.


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I'll take one!

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I sure could use one of these.

Thanks Needle Doctor

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I'm in!

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I Hopefully will win soon!!!!

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I just got done watching your dvd about setup. I would love to win digital scale, i only have a shure one. I would save alot of time with my rega rp3, ortofon 2m black.

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Would love to win this!

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Ohhh go on then, I could do with a nice set of scales

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Great site.  Keep it up.

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Count me in!  This would be a big upgrade for me.  Thanks!!

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Count me in!


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Every vinyl fanatic needs a proper stylus force guage!

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This would be awfully cool... and helpful

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Put my name in the hat please.

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Enter me in!

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yes Even if you don`t win this one you should have one anyway !

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Count me in!!

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... to have onhand.

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... thanks

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Eddie Murray in Shrek:  "Pick me.  Pick me." 

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I need to know that I'm not damaging my records!

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I'll take one

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could definitely use this

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hope i win

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Please enter me also.

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Very nice and would love to win it.


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This would be very useful.

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contest entry

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im in! This would be a cool useful item to have

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All the best stuff is made in Japan.  Unbelieveable.

Thanks for the sweepstakes! I've never had a tracking force gauge.

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Please count me in, thank you!

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This would come in real handy.

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this would really help

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I've been using my bathroom scale.  I hope this works better.

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I need this

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Baby you can drive my car

Yes I'm going to be a star

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To win would be fantastic!  Thanks!

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Let it be a public high school physics teacher.

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control my weight.

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I need this because I have an Ortofon cartridge.

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Please randomly pick moi. 

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I need this, please, please.

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But I do

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as usual...

Awesome !!!

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I'm down for this machine!!!

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I'll take it off your hands.

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thanks to needle doctor

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I need to upgrade this piece of gear..pick me please

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Hey, when am I gonna win one these giveaways?

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Win one of these contests.

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Please Me.

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This will beat eyeballing it on my Pro-ject.

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I'm in. 

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Just finished listening to Sonny Rollins' 180g reissue of What's New? album and have moved on to Radiohead's Kid A. All through the Ortofon Cadenza Red.

 Enough said.

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I still have a RadioShack gauge I bought in the mid 1970's.

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I'd love one--thanks.

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Weigh me in!

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Me me me.... Please

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This looks like a very nice tool!

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I have never had one of these... I always have to borrow.  would truly appreciate it, Thank you

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I've got a cheapo scale that I've never fully trusted...

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I'm down to get weighed! 

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Thank you for the opportunity to win!

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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Would love to have one of these!

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Nice!  Big fan of the Needle Dr.

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And probably easier to use than my old Shure gauge!

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I want this.  thanks.

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My Cartridge needs accurate VTF. This can help!

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Thanks. Would love to win this!

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I'm in to win!

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I would love to have a digital scale.

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would love one of these!

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I want!

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To Win.

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I'll take one!!

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 This would be so sweet to own! It would also help save time on the job.

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Using the cheapie Shure is for the birds!!!

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Looks like a great device.  Hope I win.

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Would love to have

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thank you

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Way cool!

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Please, I need This !

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I'm in!!

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Please, that is very nice looking gear!

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Thank you very much.

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Never had a real scale for this use, have used a cheap plastic crap "scale" that came with a cartridge I bought over 20 yrs ago.

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Oh hai Ortofon

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I've heard that this scale is one of the best available at any price.

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Dear Leader,

I'm lost in the woods, a scale would help.

Thank you for the chance.



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this may provide better results than my Shure balance scale.

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Just gotta win!



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Always great sweepstakes

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I want it!

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Just want to weigh in on this...

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"weigh" cool!

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Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin, I've been weighed in the balance and found wanting an accurate stylus guage, this would be perfect...

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Count me in!

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Pick me!

My grado cartridge would really appreciate this

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Just dropped my last digital one... can't believe I'm all thumbs. This little Ortofon would be most welcomed.

Happy Listening! ;^)>

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I'm in.

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You can count me in.

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My Ortofon cartridge is crying out for this!

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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Go ahead, make my day. Good luck to all.

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I would love to have this.

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My Ortofon needs the right pressure

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Lovely thing.

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I need to weigh my Blue.

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Count me in!

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Sounds like a good deal to me

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I could use a good stylus force gauge.

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Better than the scales of justice.