Has M A Recordings Produced the World's Finest Inner Sleeves?

M A Recordings is best known for its catalog of superbly recorded "world" music. Producer/engineer Todd Garfinkle records at 176.4/24 bit using a precisely spaced pair of custom-made microphones, Cardas cables and a Fostex DV-40 DVD-RAM recorder.

For more than two decades, fans have only heard these reduced to CD resolution. Even hobbled by 16 bit resolution the recordings sounded good but Garfinkle knew what was lost. He's reissued on vinyl a few of the most popular titles, cutting from high resolution files that produced far better than CD sonic.

He's again dabbling (seriously so) in vinyl and in conjunction with his first new vinyl release, Garfinkle is marketing a new deluxe inner-sleeve unlike any currently available.

The new sleeve combines two very soft, synthetic anti-static fibers that, unlike most other inner sleeves, can "breathe" and thus do not trap mold and mildew producing moisture.

The sleeves are not cheap: a package of 50 costs $33.00. And because of their cushiony thickness you may encounter issues with some jackets. M A sent me some to try and after ultrasonically cleaning and "LAST"-ing an original UK pressing of Abbey Road I inserted it into one of the M A inner sleeves. It felt soft going in, if you know what I mean and there wasn't even a hint of 'scraping" sound.

A treat for your most prized LPs. They are available only directly from M A.

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Was looking at these same sleeves a few hours ago being offered by another company in another country.  Quickly tried to find where they are available here and presto you post on your site.  Might order a few but have way too many records to purchase sleeves for all but like you said for a few most prized LP's might just be the ticket.  

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I used to try different inner sleeves. I bought some of those RTI pink inner sleeves a while back even when everyone said they scratch the record. They are fine but I ended up buying the MOFI inner sleeves and I think I'm done experimenting. What's great about the MOFI sleeves is you can usually slide them into the original inner sleeve. Analogue Productions have their own now but are essentially the same thing.

I'm curious if these new inner sleeves slide into the album jacket smoothly? They seem to be rigid enough from the photo but it's hard to tell. But again are these "better" than the MOFI inners what would make me want to switch to these? Thanks.

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The are fairly flexible and don't slide smoothly into some jackets but for the most part they have on the ones I've tried. I can't say they are "better" than the Mo-Fi's or QRPs or other rice paper based sleeves, though in humid climates they have a breathability advantage....

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I got these as a Christmas gift.  The sleeves have a very nice feel to them.  But they do not slide into the album jacket smoothly.  They have a tendency to bunch up and then I spend too much time trying to smooth everything out.  I have a love .. hate relationship with the sleeves.

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Those look interesting, thanks.  The Diskeeper double-reinforced sleeves are $25.99 for 50 so that's not really that different in price.


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The MA sleeves have been available for awhile.  I bought a pack of (50) several months ago to try.  While they are very nice, I still prefer the "Ultimate Audiophile Sleeves" from Sleeve City USA.

I have tried almost every inner sleeve out there and the Sleeve City sleeves are by far the best and they slide in and out of jackets VERY easily.  Also, Sleeve City gives quantity discounts so if you buy enough, you can get them down to around $23.00 per package.


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I just cleaned the two Fabs BBC sets and used these sleeves.  Very nice - they're like cozy flannel sheets for your records!

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Speaking of inner sleeves, a lot of the new 180 gram vinyl albums that are being released these days come with fairly high quality inner sleeves already. For example, The Beatles mono albums. Is it really necessary to replace these inner sleeves after cleaning the album? Or is it a waste of money?

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I am too lazy to search the site for which I am sure you have addressed. I have been taught (somewhere) to put your record covers in protective sleeves and the record protective sleeve outside of the cover. I was watching the unboxing of Axis UHQR and noticed that beside using those horrible Japanese outer resealable sleeves that you put the record back inside the cover. I thought this would always lead to ringwear ,ringworm and all things bad. Please let me know...

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Please if you get a chance answer the question I raised. I still put the record outside the cover and sleeve the cover with sleeve city covers. If you could take a minute of your time to answer I would appreciate it.