Pink Floyd The Wall 180g Vinyl LP Sweepstakes

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According to the company:

One of the most acclaimed concept albums of all time, The Wall is Roger Waters’ masterpiece. A double album with the theme of isolation and loss, its accompanying, hugely theatrical, concerts were rated as the best live shows ever. Featuring the unique artwork of Gerald Scarfe, the album yielded the US & UK No.1 hit Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2, and also includes Hey You, Run Like Hell and the enduring Comfortably Numb.

Special care has been taken to replicate the original packaging. The first batch of releases, mastered by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman will be pressed on 180gram vinyl for optimum sound quality.

  • Pink Floyd 2016 Remasters
  • Remastered from the Original Master Tapes
  • 2LP 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
  • Mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante
  • Vinyl cut by Bernie Grundman
  • Pressed at Record Industry in Holland
  • Reproduction of Original Artwork

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

volvic's picture

And it sounds horrible, need it on vinyl.

Tatak's picture

Is There Anybody Out There.......?

Lt. Dan 1965's picture

I was hooked on Pink Floyd the first time I heard Another Brick in The Wall on the juke box in the doughnut shop!!!

estimatedprophet's picture

Would really, really love to win this LP

jeffrosen's picture

The 2 Pink Floyd masters I got so far are excellent. Thanks

ch601hds's picture

Welcome news!

seykayay's picture

I never win anything. Please change my luck!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Fulford's picture

My original first press has been on my shelf for 40 years. Think I need a new copy

mraudioguru's picture

...use a new copy. Sweet!

Vinylghost's picture

My original copy has a good scratch on Goodbye Blue Sky so this would be much appreciated.

Rassan's picture

Never had Pink Floyd vinyl LP. Hope that my dreams will come true to own Pink Floyd The Wall vinyl LP :)

Big Cap's picture

...a gift horse in the mouth. Not really sure what that means but I'd like to win this record.

Tombby's picture

I'd love to hear it sounding like new. Thanks for the chance.

cppsbc's picture

Since I already have the British 2nd pressing and Japanese pressing, this new reissue would complete the set.


dn99's picture own this one.

earsandeyes's picture

I would love to pick this copy up at the pressing plant in Haarlem the Netherlands. I am close by and would love to see the plant as well. In my High School years I have done summer jobs at the CBS plant what is as as far as I can see the basis of todays factory :) Regards Michiel

MrGneiss's picture

Yes please!! :-D

Brown Sound's picture

Oh please, oh please!!

Marb's picture

I am a big fan Pink Floyd! It would great addition to vinyl collection

drdarkfish's picture

If it's better than my UK First Press....

Only way for me to verify for the good people of AP is to send me a copy ;)

Martin's picture

On memory.... A digi LP.
I'll stick with my original copies. Which sound great.

javabarn's picture

I would LOVE a copy!!!!

UA1229's picture

Maybe this time. Need a new copy.

WesHeadley's picture

Really really bad!

Birdonthebrain's picture

The perfect thing for demonstrating my system to people who don't like jazz

badboss429's picture

One of my favorites.

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

singhcr's picture

That would be lovely. I don't have any Floyd on vinyl and would appreciate the opportunity to rectify that. Thanks for the sweepstakes!

larrymino's picture

Thanks, love this album

cobra_verde's picture

this on vinyl. I like Van's version of Comfortably Numb.

fredbro44's picture

Yes would like to win!

matthra's picture

Wall me. Please.

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

Curvfalls's picture

Need this!

Audio 1's picture

Would be awesome to win!

LouWalters's picture

Would love to win this - and like one of the other posters said, I too never win anything. Here is hoping my luck changes ;-)

Stevieray's picture

Never owned it, but love the music. My cassette tape from the 80's disintegrated long ago!

k9gromit's picture

To add this to my PF collection...

jeff8086's picture

on any format, would love this to be my first copy.

Loxgator's picture

I want one

Cohnaudio's picture

Would really love another copy

John G's picture

Which one is Pink?

isaacrivera's picture

... you never know!

ebuzz's picture

this one is mine!

Moconn's picture

Yes please.

uniqueusername's picture


Dorian Workman's picture

So don't give it to me.

Quogglot's picture

This is the place to send it! Thanks!

audiof001's picture

Thank you very much!

msmith's picture

Would love a copy!

jstrube's picture

Build it in my listening room

Roy Martin's picture

...Piper at the Gates of Dawn fan myself but this will do.

larson manor's picture

I would love to get a new copy, luck of the Irish hopefully.

Manimaldoug's picture

I'm in

evilroyslade's picture

I was just shopping for a good copy of this.

vuckozagi's picture

Is this reissue sourced from digital?

recordhead's picture


gaptopia's picture

This pressing should be heads above all others... it would be an honor to crank it up and enjoy one of the best albums of my youth!

mpbrogan61's picture

I well remember seeing the movie when it first came out!

ster4610's picture

I have the original LP. Would love to hear it on 180g vinyl!'s picture

Would be pleased to add this to my collection.

infohou's picture

The early pressing I bought used is not in very good shape so I would really like this pressing.

I am betting there was a digital step involved but it should still sound good considering the folks involved.

Y'all take care,
Robert A. Ober

RCZero's picture

Yes please!!

ajpanic's picture

Here's to hoping that I win.

Jeffrey B's picture

... brick in my wall of records.

DinaMoe's picture

I need another copy like I need a hole in my head. But I'll take another!

Revfinder's picture

I want one!!!

econalan's picture

I'm in!

yeehayashi's picture

Would love to add this 180g reissue to my vinyl collection.

hifidan's picture

I understand that this is President Trump's favorite album. I would love to add it to my collection.

Avalon0387's picture

If I won this, I would actually upgrade my turntable!

jazzguy's picture

Include me in this game.

otaku2's picture

I can definitely use another copy of that.

terrybbagit's picture

Excellent prize

mr_bill's picture

I would love to win the vinyl sweepstakes.

Shoey's picture

My kids don't take care when playing my albums. I need a new Wall.

palasr's picture

My first concert as a wee lad at Nassau Coliseum in 1980. Tough first concert experience, eh?

markbrauer's picture

now even better

hickmbr4's picture

The recent remasters have been great. Thanks!

soundman45's picture

I really miss my original 1980 pressing.

swimming1's picture

I was in college in NYC in 1972. Went to the midnight show at Radio City Music Hall for the premier of Dark Side of the Moon.The first half of the show was Umma Gumma after an intermission they performed Dark Side.I slept through it,as I have most PF recordings since then!

gak27's picture

...I want this. Thanks for the opportunity

kozakjj's picture

I would love to have this digital version on vinyl. It's as if we are in the 80's buying CD's. Only the digital source in on vinyl now. It should be called Digital Vinyl Resurgence. Give me 0' and 1's. I want this version so bad.

tcc974's picture

My then girlfriend, now wife, gave me a copy for my 19th birthday. That was 38 years ago! Time for a replacement copy!

virtualbryan's picture


Goochified1's picture

Is good.

dr vinyl's picture

I want in !

nelsonkiwi's picture

I really need a new copy, mine is 37 years old. My wife was at the 1980 concert in Los Angeles seated in the third row. I always hated her for that, LOL!

eFlatBlues's picture

Isn't this where...

rakemup's picture

pick me-me-me

AJW's picture

Maybe both?

Stringreen's picture

..I have the original LP....wondering what the difference is...

dasacco's picture

I'm in!!

MarkD's picture

I'll take that.

jbeal's picture

...The child is grown, the dream is gone
I have become comfortably numb

armaloney's picture

Saw Roger's Wall tour a couple years ago. Easily the best show I've seen.

Chemguy's picture

I'm in!

VenchiG's picture

me? Hope so!

grking's picture

Would love to have this reissue on vinyl!

alexdias's picture

This album had a very important presence in my life. It hit me right when I was going through major events in my late teens and it provided some relief from my teenage angst and concerns. Powerful music!

alexdias's picture

This album had a very important presence in my life. It hit me right when I was going through major events in my late teens and it provided some relief from my teenage angst and concerns. Powerful music!

meintc's picture

I had to have this album when it come out but ended up getting it on 8 track. Which I've long since lost. Would be awesome to win!

JJZL's picture

I'd love to get it

azmoon's picture

..with the original I have.

jeni83's picture

I hope The Wall is as good. This seems like a good reissue series.

genesplitter's picture

This was one of my favorite albums in high school. It would be great to get this from my kids so they can start their own analog journey for music appreciation. I noticed my 12 y/o humming "Rocky Racoon" from the Beatles's White Album this morning.

Analogged's picture


Hayduke's picture

Wonderful album,

mrclnglr's picture

I have not read the previous comments, just trying to be cute. Not having heard the original UK, but pretty much the rest including this one, I prefer the the 1st edition US. Just my 2 cents.

Nightfly3000's picture

the Wall Russel Crowe is a great actor. Whew that was bad.

Scarberian's picture copy is a bit shelf worn.'s picture

Is worse for ware so winning this copy would be grand.

Bigmule1972's picture

Pink Floyd is wonderful!!! I'd love to be a winner !!

torturegarden's picture

…how this compare to my original US pressing?

Johnch's picture

To date I'm 0 for 576 entering contests. So probably not...

Avehein's picture

and I want Michael Fremer to pay for it.

Richardharmer's picture

by complementing the editor?

eligiusz nowak's picture

I do need education and I do need another WALL!

Mealticket's picture

Anderson Council the Wall

bkinthebk's picture

Mama's gonna help build the wall

mdanielson's picture

Don't have this on vinyl yet.

thequietman's picture

Time to really hear what it should sound like

madoco's picture

i'll take the wall

Spin Lps's picture

Hope I am the lucky one!

bill s's picture

Need to get a vinyl copy.

ThisPink's picture

I can upgrade from my original 8-tracks.

Ryan_Pretzel's picture

Great opportunity - best of luck to all!

mwaehner's picture

Good luck everyone

darksolstice's picture

sign me up sounds great !

old_school's picture

What a great album to give away.

anomaly7's picture

Sounds like a splendid lineup of folks working to release this updated pressing. I'd love to hear it in my home!

vikk studio's picture

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playthebody's picture

you can't have any pudding!

jenkinsjj1's picture

It would be a pleasure.

bmwalker's picture

Need this one for the collection. Fingers crossed!

Richard Cook's picture

as last year's release?

theboogeydown's picture

The fix is in! Lets do this!

Zardoz's picture

Would love to hear this version.

Zardoz's picture

Would love to hear this version.

POGunter's picture


PotatoJunkie's picture

I have a need....

brentc's picture

Yes please

OnOneWheel's picture

Yes please.

gdphoto's picture

I turned my 5 children, all young adults, and many of their friends, onto the analog expierience about 3 years ago and we have been having album nights for them ever since. I played them my clean copy of Dark Side of the Moon and they went wild for it. I would love to turn them onto The Wall.


musicistheanswer5's picture

That I would love to own on 180 gram vinyl!

R3's picture

Based on recent events, I need some education.

cutandcover's picture

Add one more to the pile!

wesm's picture

Would love to win this LP.

sdykes's picture

Never owned this album, and now is the time.