Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl Phono Stage Sweepstakes

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According to the company:

The MX-VYNL is a fully balanced, very high performance phono stage, able to operate with virtually any moving coil or moving magnet cartridge. With both traditional RCA inputs and our unique XLR fully balanced connection the MX-VYNL can be connected to 2 turntables simultaneously.

The MX-VNYL offers a wide range of input impedance settings for moving coil cartridges as well as several capacitance settings for moving magnet units. Unlike many of our competitors units the MX-VYNL allows easy adjustment of these settings while playing. This allows easy experimentation and tuning to find the optimum setting for all your equipment.

The MX-VYNL also includes our renowned RIAA correction that offers extremely accurate results to beyond 80kHz. That may sound extreme, but there is a good deal of information above 20 kHz that needs correction. If it isn’t corrected, it will show itself as ringing and overshoot.

With both extraordinarily low noise and exceptional overload margin the MX-VYNL can comfortably handle even the most demanding of cartridges and satisfy the most discerning of listeners.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

thorenssme's picture

Great looking pre-amp!

Mondello's picture

looks great

pizzy's picture

I've read glowing reviews about this preamp. would love to check it out in person. fingers crossed!

bdbender4's picture

Nice idea to be able to change the MC resistance while playing, to pick the best sound.

volvic's picture

Need one badly!!!!

et_uptown's picture

I've only owned one Musical Fidelity product thus far, which was the M6 PRE. While it didn't match well with my other components, it was undeniably musical and lively. I'm curious what this phono pre sounds like... Good luck to all who enter!

theclipper's picture

Hot damn! That looks like one hell of a phono pre!!

mdiehl's picture

I have owned several Musical Fidelity products, including a MF A3.2 integrated amplifier and matching CD player and a phono preamplifier in a separate system. In all cases, I have been impressed by the quality of the products and the great price-to-value ratio. This new phono preamp looks very interesting.

jafergs's picture

That looks great, sooo in.

sennott.p's picture

wouldn't mind having to find a place for this in my set-up. wouldn't mind at all.

smoricca's picture

Looks like a great unit

laurierxx's picture


akovo's picture

real nice.

jerroot's picture

Hope springs eternal.

discgo1013's picture

Bet it sounds so crisp!

gnatster's picture

Be fun to try this out. Good luck to all.

Regcd's picture

Nice looking unit.

JohnnyCanuck's picture

I'm ready for an upgrade.

timthenchanter's picture

I could use a well packed preamp

Efjay's picture

This comment will do, as it's not profane or spam.

miniguy's picture

What’s the retail price?

Roy Martin's picture


wesm's picture

I need.

R3's picture

I have an MF amp and I am very pleased with it.

larson manor's picture

Luck of the Irish, hopefully.

jfschum's picture
SunRa2000's picture

I've always been interested in Musical Fidelity products.

namotuman's picture

For a new phono pre!

Curvfalls's picture

Looking forward to hopefully winning!

Derosa's picture

Music is the greatest communication in the world.
Even if people don't understand the language that you're singing in,
they still know good music when they hear it.

chervokas's picture

I'm in!

cdvinyl's picture

I need to update my 60's system.

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ddgimd's picture


freejazz00's picture

i'm waiting for the review...

Stonehead's picture

My phono stage is in for repair-I have a Musical Fidelty integrated and this preamp would work great with it!

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

skipgiles's picture

fingers crossed

jh4all's picture

Could use this...badly

philshawavl's picture

I've been interested in these for quite some time and would love to win this one!

Htobin5051's picture

Why not me?

Gridslayer's picture

The mere word is exciting... a Musical Fidelity MX-Vinyl Phono Stage would put me over the edge!!

mandrake's picture

nice phono pre

dvbowen's picture

We can but hope....

Davo59's picture

Would love to have one.....please!!!

jamesbythebay's picture

Wish me luck!'s picture


torturegarden's picture

I need this as I can only do MM and want to explore getting a MC cartridge.

mdanielson's picture

This would be a nice upgrade from my Schiit Mani.

JoeESP9's picture

Count me in!

rshak47's picture

to replace an aging EE phono stage.

Jim Tavegia's picture

This would definitely improve my vinyl experience, even with these old ears.

Lazer's picture

That’s all I need to have a chance. Thanks

Richardharmer's picture

Please pick me (at random).

tketcham's picture

That MX-Vinyl phono preamp will look great alongside my A3.5 integrated and X-10v3 tube buffer. Might be time to upgrade to the M6i integrated. '-)

Mistermuse1's picture

Count me in!

kkatseanes's picture

I'd love to win. Just once.

mraudio's picture

...use a new phono stage. Looks sweet!

zbub's picture

phono preamp. Would be nice to own one.

tandemdude's picture

Who doesn't need new toys?

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win

K6MJD's picture


fetuso's picture

Thanks, Mikey. Good luck, everyone.

Lee Clayton's picture

Phono stages are better than DACs

yuckysamson's picture

While I don't wish to overstate it, something tells me that that phono pre-amp would change my life in a similar way that kids did.

Cam08529's picture


Mealticket's picture

for the lucky winner

zaustin2's picture

Boy would this be a nice upgrade to my system. I have a new cartridge just waiting for a good excuse to install it and start using.

eFlatBlues's picture

Count me in! I could use a new pre.

soulrevue's picture

This is undoubtedly a first rate piece of audio equipment. Sign me up!

Badbry's picture

I mean really excited!

The Walrus's picture

Good luck all!

alucas's picture

would love it! running without one right now...

pkf2's picture

I am in

Johnnyangel's picture

The ability to adjust settings on this preamp while a record is playing is unique, as far as I am aware. I really really need that!!

shapiro88's picture

Fingers crossed.

sharris55's picture

Can it give my JC-3+ a run for its money?

musicistheanswer's picture

And this MX unit looks like it will do the trick! Thanks for listening!

nelsonkiwi's picture

I would love to own this!

ptstucky's picture

I was just talking to my dad about getting cartridge loading right. The adjustable impedance settings on the MX-VNYL look very impressive - I'm sure he would have fun dialing it in!

Audiomutt's picture

That caught my attention. Know right where to put it.
Thanks for the opportunity.

tparker14's picture


Lothar's picture

...and maybe my Gary Lewis and The Playboys collection will sound better.

genesplitter's picture

I wonder how this compares to the mani phome preamp.

HiFiMark's picture

Yes please.

tcjarvis's picture

but seriously, this would be awesome...

simmo1010's picture

That sure is a long list of competition rules! Still not sure if you would send to little old NZ?

Jimbo912's picture

Would love to win this !!!!!

Jimbo912's picture
Jimbo912's picture
LesT73's picture

Yes please!

buared's picture

I hope.

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win?? :-D

musikwerks's picture

Yes, please.

djkzk's picture

Good luck to all.

WesHeadley's picture

Keeping something crossed but not stirred!

Kleos's picture

I'm guessing this a good a time to join the discussions as any (it's overdue, really)!

stadirka's picture

Here's my chance at fame.

orthobiz's picture



sangfreud's picture

Please count me in.

EdAInWestOC's picture

I wouldn't turn it down.

39goose's picture

Would love to have this unit in my system !!

LarryRS's picture

Would like to win this.

jmoray's picture

I am on the market for a Phono Preamp right now. And I already love the sound of other MF Products.

tedonald's picture

I'm in too!

ixtayul's picture

In the market for a pre-amp.

Zardoz's picture

send one my way!!!

Kurt's picture

Would love to have this.

vogelzang's picture

Or hopefully will be the winner

seeking sublime's picture

here's hoping

starman1573's picture

Could shure use it

theostap's picture

would be great to try out in my new listening room

azmoon's picture

count me in!

patunnell's picture

Sure could use it.

Jbever's picture

Looks great, and I look forward to hearing it

Tom L's picture

Thanks for the chance to win, Michael!

der's picture

Why not? Maybe someday my ship will come in and I'll win something! This sweet looking item would be a great start,

sdykes's picture

Now is a good time to start!

jstrube's picture

I sure would make good use of this!

cj_baron's picture

But what the hell.

econalan's picture

Me please!

Steelhead's picture

I would definitely play around with this in my audio sandbox.

vince325's picture

I could really use this for my office as I have a second turntable i'd like to add. Thanks for all you do.

ravenacustic's picture

I used to love this brand and owned a CDP at one time. I really like the continuous loading for this Phono Stage. It’s the best way to load a MC Cartridge.

So good luck to all the contestants but especially GOOD LUCK TO ME!!!!

avanti1960's picture

including myself.

M-Sevs's picture

it is to enter a lottery.

supamark's picture

this would be a cool thing to win.

dolsey01's picture

Would love to own this!

drewmb1's picture

to dig it!

Runoutgroove's picture

Like the MC impedence knob and balanced input option. I think I read they have another model with the Nu-vista tube, which I think they offered in previous years in an amp that was a MF reference, if memory serves.

Ryshul's picture


Dave H's picture


randybass's picture

I'll take that off your hands

myheroiscoltrane's picture

as you have always said Michael, a good phonostage is critical for realizing all of the benefits of vinyl...

Miner42's picture

I guess I could use one...

kramth's picture
krahbeknudsen's picture
krahbeknudsen's picture
kramth's picture

I definitely need one of these!

kramth's picture
creativepart's picture

This would go well with my Musical Fidelity A5 integrated.

kramth's picture

I definitely need one of these!

Anton D's picture

I can feel it.

Groovemeister's picture

I think this would really benefit my system, sometimes it needs a little mellowing out.

davesdog's picture

Nice preamp, just what I need.

bamarkoff's picture

to go with my new turntable!

cdlp4578's picture

This is my entry

kdl6769's picture

That thing is . . . necessary.