Woodstock 50th Anniversary "Peace of Stage" and 5 Vinyl LP Back To The Garden Sweepstakes

Register to win one of five actual pieces of the original 1969 Woodstock stage (Value $99.00 ea) or a Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection 5 Vinyl LP set (Value $124.98) we are giving away.

According to Peace of Stage:

Peace Pendant: Always have a piece of Woodstock magic around your neck and close to your heart, with this Peace Pendant, that is encased with a piece of the original and authenticated stage from the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Wood Size: 3/16" thick and 1.2 in diameter; Pendant Size: 44 x 33 x 9 millimeters


Every Pendant will include a tamper-proof hologram on the back, as well as on the Letters of Authenticity that accompanies the pendant. Bring the Woodstock magic everywhere you go with this limited edition Peace Pendant, just in time for the 50th Anniversary.

Click here for more info.

Acrylic Stage Frame: Ideal for display and connecting with the festival magic, this touchable piece of the original 1969 Woodstock stage is surrounded by rainbow colors with the concert dates and location, Peace of Stage logo, and a tamper-proof hologram certifying its authenticity.

Wood Size: 2-inches x .75-inches; Plexiglass Frame Size: 4-inches x 9-inches


The stage piece is glued on the outside of this plexiglass frame. The clear acrylic portrait frame is free standing with the special 50th Anniversary design set inside. It comes with Letters of Authenticity that also have the matching hologram. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this iconic festival with your Peace of music history!

Click here for more info.

According to Rhino:

5 Vinyl LP Box Set: Between August 15-18, 1969, more than 400,000 people converged on Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in upstate New York for Woodstock. Thirty-two acts performed including some of the most popular and influential musicians of the era such as Joan Baez, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, and The Who.


Woodstock 50 – Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection features 42 of the finest performances recorded at the legendary festival.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Mcrusek's picture

I want a "peace" of history!

hulahoopla's picture

Rolling in the mudd again...i need this!

hulahoopla's picture

Rolling in the mudd again...i need this!

nelsonkiwi's picture

Count me in. No rain please.

8thman's picture

It's the Wood in Woodstock!

lpsteve's picture

send me the wood

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Count me in...

zaustin2's picture

Greatest era of music as far as I'm concerned. Would love to have this.

robwazzo's picture

My brother was there, love to give this to him.

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would love this box

martyh's picture

Thanks for making this giveaway available to your readers. Cheers.

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Enter me in!

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But on the chance this could be a real part of the stage, bring it on. The box set too.

et88b's picture

I want a piece of the Garden!

jeffrosen's picture

Love to win this. Was Watkins Glen recorded by anyone. Happened the following year

253mal's picture

My girlfriend and I would love this.

brednjam1's picture

I would play the LPs for my son!

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Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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I'm feelin lucky!! :-D

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...back to the garden.

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Love Must Rule

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of the true planks, slabs of the true music - I'm in

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Count me in. Great idea.

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drobin71's picture

Really cool. Always wondered what it would have been like.

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My first post. Hope it is a lucky one! Thanks for the chance.

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Yes, I would love to go back to the garden. Peace

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Wood display proudly

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Please include me in this giveaway.

MikeT's picture

Please enter me in the win!!!! Thank you.

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Nothing but fun and music....and mud.

Tom L's picture

I would treasure these mementos of my youth...thanks for the opportunity!

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Please enter me to win this groovy piece of peace. Farm out.

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This would be awesome to own. Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone

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Would love to have the LPs

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I wanna win. Please. Thank you.

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Brown acid too, please...

Steve Edwards's picture

I never win anything! :(

Vinyl On Tubes's picture

The 40th Anniversary was version was cut by Kevin Gray from analog masters. Your link doesn't have much information. It doesn't even have a track list.

Vinyl On Tubes's picture

My bad.

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My emoticon [O/]

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Entering to win the Woodstock wayback machine.

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to me :)

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Stock. Would love to own this!

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I'm in please and thank you!

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Main stage.

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the box set !

samman's picture

I'm due to win one of these raffles.

Roadwrench's picture

I was 14 at the time of the concert. When the movie came out, my Mom took me, couldn't get in alone, it was rated R.
It was a once in a lifetime experience. Maybe the counter culture's finest moment.

Dobro910's picture

By the time I get to Woodstock......

virtualbryan's picture

I'm in, please.

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I'm yearning to get back to hear this music again!

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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Be nice, but I never win anything

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I'll give it a shot.

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We must be in Heaven!

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Sign me up, please.

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Why are some of the recordings mono and others stereo?Cheers,Chet

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love to have that vinyl

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Peace, love, and music. And nothing but peace, love, and music.


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Give me(peace) a chance!

Shep's picture

Back to the garden...

HalSF's picture

I'm not going back to Woodstock for a while
Though I long to hear that lonesome hippie smile

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Excellent giveaway count me in

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My favorite music era✌️

carja's picture

...by the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong...

Mac's picture

...hopefully I'm not too old to win!

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It would be Far Out and groovy to score this swag

John G's picture

This would be a great first album for my collection.

richiep's picture

this would be great, I would donate the LP box since I've already purchased. I worked with an attendee who traveled from NJ he also knew the back roads that mirrored your trip and left after the first night of music, regrets. Thanks for sharing

CraigI's picture

I'm feeling lucky.

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thanks for your baluya bal international

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and reviews are good so far.

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Woody, woody, woody

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well maybe not but it felt that way.

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Boss Groovey!

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I hope I win

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Would love to win

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so miss out on another great analogplanet giveaway, but what if i can provide a us mailing address ?

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Would love to acquire this.

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And alas it will be the same here!

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I'd love to win.

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And Woodstock stuff, ok sure.

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lotta freaks...!

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... and would love to win this drawing !

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Its been 50 years!

dmpike's picture

I would love to win!

Jenn's picture

I would be so pleased and proud to share these things with them on our "Woodstock Day" each semester. What a cool prize, Michael!

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A must have.

Joost's picture

I’m in. And I think we should not aspire to repeat this historic festival. Better leave it at this, with the records and the films.

robert r dawson's picture

I would most definitely like to be considered...gimmee gimmee

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Looks amazing.

Birdienumnums's picture

Owning a piece of the stage is a cool concept and the vinyl set probably sounds amazing if it was properly mastered!

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Very nice package.

kb54's picture

Yes please!

fredbro44's picture

Wood I like stock in one!

otaku2's picture

I was just a little too young to attend but my babysitter was in the movie.

Billf's picture

What a lucky break that this guy discovered the wood from the Woodstock stage just in time for the 50th anniversary, when there would be a lot of publicity! I do have a vial of the water from Jimi Hendrix's glass from backstage at Monterey that I will be glad to donate to the raffle. If you are an Airplane or Who fan, it could be from Grace's or Pete's cups. Glad to accommodate your readers.

Scarberian's picture

and I wanted to go.

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In that order of preference.

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Nice addition to any collection.

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Analog Planet is the gift that keeps on giving. I'd love to win the vinyl.

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...to Bethel!

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I'll take a piece of that stage!

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"Take Me Back to the Garden" on "Vinyl"so I can hear the "Vibes and Smells!!! Analog Planet, appreciate your contest!! Peace, Love!!

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Love the Woodstock music! I want it!

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Count me in

mdiehl's picture

Definitely would enjoy the box set. Still have my original Woodstock albums, although they are not great in sound.

Spin33tymes's picture

Sitting with friends over the past weekend, we watched John Sebastian and CSN performances from Woodstock 69'. My wife commented "I don't think the humanity will ever feel that sort of freedom again". I like to think there's hope!

stev one's picture

Analog dude in a digital world. Happy 50th Woodstock!

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and with air conditioning

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Thanks..need box and that wood, for the DNA.

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Man, that would be a great addition to my listening room. Sweet!

Paul Boudreau's picture

Recently received the 2LP CCR and the 3LP Jeffersonian Aeroplane Woodstock sets and am hoping for Joe Cocker, The Who and The Band.

larson manor's picture

Light one up, relax and listen to the music.

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LPs please

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Would love to win this vinyl box. Torn between it and the more expansive 10-CD set

SWC's picture

Would look great in my music room!

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Please Please ME with 5 disc set!

stillyawning's picture
stillyawning's picture

Please Please ME with 5 disc set!

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I didn't make it then, but I'd love to win this prize!

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The cycle repeats.

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Count me in!

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Too cool! Count me in!

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my baby sitter told me all about it. I bought the original two album releases. I hope I win this!

Lazer's picture

Great prizes. Thanks for the chance to win.

kenfren's picture

Looking forward to finally seeing (and hearing) all this material

charliepress's picture

I'd love to win!

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Many thanks for the chance!

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Peace and love ✌️

Wrj47@hotmail.com's picture

I have the original 2 album releases. This would make a wonderful addition to my music library. Thanks for making this happen.

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Woodstock, moon landing, Vietnam... such extremes

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I’m feeling Boxy myself.

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A piece of stage is a real piece of history. Count me in!

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Thank you!

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Enter me please!

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How groovy it would be to own the definitive LP collection or a piece of the actual stage in a peace symbol.

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yes please!

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Didn’t I snort (0(aine off your tl@ts at Woodstock?

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Brings back memories!