The Story of Vanguard Vinyl LP Box Set Sweepstakes

Register to win a The Story of Vanguard Vinyl LP Box Set (Total value $289.00) we are giving away.

About the prize:

First edition limited to 1000, on 180 gram audiophile colored vinyl, pressed at GZ. All six albums were AAA cut from the mono master tapes by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound. All of these albums were lacquered directly from the mono master tapes, preserving the original sound upon release of these albums in the ‘50s and ‘60s.


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krahbeknudsen's picture

I would love this set.'s picture

my winning entry

swansong123's picture

I would be over the moon to add this beautiful set to my vinyl collection. Thanks in advance.

mbutchko's picture

I would folking love to win this!

Hpaps67's picture

I’m in!

Mealticket's picture

I'm in the Vanguard.

NewVinyl's picture

I have that Joan Baez (1960) and it's really good.

taleischner's picture

This would be lovely to have

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Happy Will's picture

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed (figuratively speaking of course) otherwise I won't be able to play records. Oh damn, I'm ineligible as I live in the UK.

JohnEcc's picture

Looks like another awesome release.

johnax's picture

Good luck to all who enter!

Tom L's picture

Also, it's always nice to see a mention of Captain Beefheart.
My wife hung around a record store where a couple of Magic Band members worked in their early days. She was 12 or 13. Her older brother was friends with Don. We have some posters from gigs they played at a local roller rink!

Glotz's picture

That is SOOOOO COOL! Kudos!

ivansbacon's picture

I am feeling lucky.

jondle's picture

Leaving my comment - hopefully a WINNING comment ;-)

Simoon's picture

I'd love this set!

musicminded's picture

Looks like a winner. Great set with historic music. Well done!

freejazz00's picture

Is the GZ press any good?

Anton D's picture

Woo hoo!

alintel's picture

WOW, sign me up!

VagabondJ's picture

You have to win sometimes?

33na3rd's picture

Yes, please!

martyh's picture

Thank you for this giveaway! Cheers!

Wolfsburg86's picture

Would be a great addition. T

beny's picture

I would absuletly love an oppurtunity to own the Story of Vanguard Vinyl LP box set!!!

vinylvin's picture

In, thanks!

larson manor's picture

Crossing my fingers on the Vanguard Vinyl and dinner with Michael Fremer, he's picking up the check, of course;-)

nukular's picture

...this should definitely be in my collection.

carja's picture

Here's hoping that I win!

mikenc's picture

Would love to win it...

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diagonal's picture

Very cool.

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Just one please

vince's picture

Count me in!

satchidananda's picture

Me please :)

rshak47's picture

to enjoy and add to my collection.

azmoon's picture

a great set of vinyl.

amudhen's picture

Love all the titles in this set and hope I win this

MikeT's picture

I would love to be able to win this. It would be a welcome addition to my vinyl collection.

m frazee's picture

Looking forward to the box

Ian H.'s picture

Very, very nice!

wbondsteele's picture


Flatbubba's picture

I'm in!

wesm's picture

I would love to have these.

CJB's picture


Arvo Palm-Leis's picture

Very nice!

MrRom92's picture

I don’t believe I have any mono records cut by Ryan, regardless I would love to hear this set!

gjetson's picture

What a beautiful box set!

kelossus's picture

Hey now....

billsf's picture

thanks for the offer. hope I win.

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This is not a comment.

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Here's hoping!

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Excellent box set!

otaku2's picture us

stargeezer's picture

Of course I'll have to post this twice. I WON!

Idah072's picture

Would love to own this box set.

Roy Martin's picture

…Sandy Bull is included.

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drrsutliff1's picture

Awesome collection. Just what my mono cart needs!

Jenn's picture

I make most of my living as a conductor, but I also gig as a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist. These artists are some of my heroes! All are national treasures. Please enter me in the drawing!

hifigary's picture

I’m in.

Smokeyjoec's picture

I just saw this now. I would love to win.

Puffer Belly's picture

I hope I win!

capri345's picture

Yes please. I am in.

afarooqui's picture

awesome! I am in.

Jan5512's picture

Throwing my hat in, can’t hurt.

DrDub's picture

This looks to be a beautiful set and i would just plotz if i won.

BruceN's picture

I think, therefore I win.

Or something like that....

BruceN's picture

Changed my mind. Someone else would like these titles morw than I would. If I'm selected, please choose another entrant.

robertaich's picture someone once said. Was it at a Richard Thompson show? Probably not. Oh well. It'll come to me.

Kind of blue's picture

Looks to be an awesome set! Fingers crossed...

recordhead's picture

leave a comment right here on this announcement

hattrick15's picture

Hope I win.

LesT's picture

Got to be in it to win it…

Bigrasshopper's picture

I’m including myself

Ondrej Glembek's picture

Good luck to everyone!

estimatedprophet's picture

Here I Am, Yes It’s Me - pick me pleez !!

Critter's picture

Count me in!

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win!! :-D

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inflatedtear's picture

Heard the whistle blowin', couldn't see no train
Way down in my heart, I had an achin' pain
How long, how long, baby how long

Holony's picture

Fantastic box and Ryan Smith does such a great job on VMP releases. Looking forward to VMP having their own pressing plant!

GaryS's picture

Count me in. Thanks!

TinEar's picture

Looks like a great set!

carl478's picture

All of us. Thanks to MF and Vanguard.

keiltys's picture

Would love to win this!

Paynesgrey's picture

My brother and sister were a few years older than I in the 60's and I grew up listening to them play Vanguard folk recordings on their GE "trimline" record players. I have many Vanguard LPs now, but just looking at the covers in this collection brings me back. I would love this (unscratched, never been to a party) set!

thehawkman's picture

Nice looking box set.

SpeedBump's picture

Who doesn't?

Mark Evans's picture

to the Vanguard music catalog. Please include me in the box set contest.

horaciojervis's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

swimming1's picture

Aren't they due a reissue? Cheers,Chet

garybx's picture

Looks like a great set!

Zardoz's picture

Records, more records.

kb54's picture

I would like to win this set, so please everybody else stop entering. Thank you very much!

tedonald's picture


timise's picture

Sounds good, no pun!

Paul Boudreau's picture

Nice, thanks.

deauguie's picture

When I win I’ll have to by that mono cart Ive been wanting. Now…which one?

Frank Sumatra's picture

played at Joan Baez's home in Woodside for her Birthday. She sat in with us and sang that na-na song.

Steelhead's picture

Enter to win free records, what's not to love?

SummerVan's picture

…Feed me Seymour!

antonmb's picture

Thank you

PotatoJunkie's picture

I have the perfect spot on my shelves for this!Many thanks!

Spencer's picture

This would make a wonderful addition to my library.

billreyn's picture

Would love it!

viridian's picture

Excellent set, glad to be able to play.

SunRa2000's picture

I'd like to win one of these giveaways.

Idler's picture

Feeling lucky!

Uncle Taiji's picture

Into the fray. Hoping to win.

jeni83's picture

It’s neat to have an easy entry point to something new.

decameron's picture

Yes please.

volivier's picture


High Rant District's picture

... in it to win it!

EmoPhonic's picture

Dear Vinyl God please let me win this one. I promise I'll be good audiophile and take good care of them.

RinziRadio's picture

Would love to have this!

mraudioguru's picture

...too. What a great set!

jerroot's picture

14th time's the charm!

terrybbagit's picture

Would look nice in my record shelf

bioplaid's picture

Would be cool to see more Folk music from AAA re-issued.

austinlee's picture

Would love to add this to the collection.

boatshoes's picture

Thanks for offering this!

hickmbr4's picture

Thank you!

BlairM's picture

Would love to hear this.

patreides's picture

Looks great! would love to have this!

Mfalcon's picture

Looks like a fantastic box set

tomwal's picture

I would be very grateful to receive this Thanks for the opportunity Tom

FrankMcA's picture

If you decide to make me a winner here could you also make me a winner with ERC too. I haven't had much luck there.

mushiking's picture

Feeling lucky punk? I do

saronian's picture

Great time period!

Trident's picture

Doc Watson worth price of admission

KG_Jag's picture

Hopeful of being the winner.

PMO's picture

Such a great label. Hope I win!!!

PMO's picture

Such a great label. Hope I win!!!'s picture

lady luck. I'm in

jh4all's picture

Nice box set, I would love to own it.

Lazer's picture

I’m in.

JJCalvillo's picture

Would be a fantasic addition to the collection.

smashadams's picture

I hope I win!

chbooth's picture

I’m in too

Noodlebluesman's picture

of music from the most formative period of my life!

Vinylhound's picture

I hope I’m lucky.

Ken K's picture

Wonderful music in that set.
I'd love to hear it!

DODGE's picture

I've been listening to the Doc Watson & Joan Baez since the 1960's. Heard a friends copy of the Skip James LP back in the day also.

I'd love to win this!

robotk's picture

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

mariojzz's picture

I would love it! Thanks Michael

ALiu95's picture

Boo you have goo on your shoe

Mikel77's picture

Would LOVE this