Clearaudio Puts Fully Balanced, Current Drive Moving Coil Phono Preamp In Head Shell or Tonearm!

Clearaudio Introduced the Absolute Phono, a compact, fully balanced, current-based moving coil phono preamplifier built into the head shell of the line's linear tracking tonearms or into the arm tube Clearaudio's pivoted arms.

The version in linear tracking arms is "field-replaceable", while pivoted arm upgrades require the arm be returned to the factory. The two-piece system includes the small arm-mounted module plus a considerably larger outboard chassis designed to fully integrate with Clearaudio's multi-platform turntables.

The advantage of having a gain stage adjacent to the cartridge is self-evident but of course execution counts too. Cost is $18,000.


Clearaudio also introduced a new Supersonic Double Matrix Professional record cleaning machine that combines a lip-type vacuum cleaning system with an ultrasonic type cleaner, though it's unclear if it cleans via cavitation with "scrubbing bubbles" or if the cleaning liquid just "agitates". The unit, which cleans both sides simultaneously, costs $4500.