Jadis Debuts New Turntable at "CES 2104"

Okay it was a typo but we like kicking people when they are down, so we're using the press release date. Obviously importer Bluebird Music meant 2014. French electronics manufacturer Jadis introduced a new granite plinth-based Thalie turntable. The design is about mass and more mass combined with high-precision machining.

While granite is a very rigid, high mass material, it also has a relatively high resonant frequency, which he trust the designer has taken care to damp.

The 'table weighs 176 pounds and has only four rotating parts: the motor, pulley, tray and axis (the later two are their lingo for 'bearing').

The price, including a unipivot tonearm is $59,900. The only sticking point is that the 'table shown plays at 33 1/3 only. Fortunately, the final production model will play both 33 1/3 and 45rpm.

ravenacustic's picture

In a time when 45s have become commonplace, in some cases preferred, I would say that a manufacturer of a turntable not offering that speed only means one thing to me, that they don't know what they are doing. Maybe I'll build and market a car without a low gear or without overdrive.

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The first thing I thought when I read this was a Ferrari without first gear! Ravenacustic got to it before me. That said, why not just buy a second; dedicate one to 33 and the other to 45. I'll just trade in my non-existent Ferrari and get right on that.

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The importer just informed me the final production version will play both speeds.

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Might as well get separate tables for separate speeds. We've already got CDs, computers, separate dacs, music on vinyl, aluminum, and now software on a hardrive. I won't mention separate amps for headphones. IMO vinyl is beginning to look less costly and easier to use.