Rogers High Fidelity Adds a Tubed Phono Preamplifier to its American-Made Lineup

Warwick, NY-based Rogers High Fidelity introduced the striking-looking and sounding PA-1A MM/MC phono preamplifier. The pure dual-mono design features discrete, point-to-point wiring and an unusually high S/N ratio for a tube unit, using 12AU7, 12AX7 and 6GH8 tubes with an additional transformer-based 20dB gain for MC cartridges. The lifetime warrantied PA-1A costs $7000.

. The speakers in the room were from Danish Davone Audio. We listened to the smaller and very stylish Ray speakers, which cost $7500 a pair. In the near field they sounded particularly well-balanced and far more dynamic than I was expecting given their size.

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Any, more comments about the Rogers PA-1A? $7,000 is a reasonable price, and we know that there's GREAT competition in the phono pre-amp category ... from one price range, to the highest. I have a refurbished Audio Research PH-3 (Special Edition) and it's wonderful, but am thinking about buying a newer phono pre-amp.