Soundsmith Introduces New SG-230 Strain Gauge Cartridge/Preamp and System Control Preamp

Soundsmith's Peter Ledermann demoed his latest Strain Gauge cartridge system, the SG-230. The new model offers a complete system preamp solution that features the strain gauge function plus four line inputs, remote control, balanced, single-ended and fixed outputs.

The strain gauge cartridge has user replaceable styli and because of its unique technology, a host of performance features with which no other cartridge can compete. It comes standard with a nude line contact stylus and ruby cantilever but other easily replaceable options are also available including one for 78rpm records.


Because it doesn't use coils or magnets and is a displacement, not a velocity sensitive device it does not require RIAA compensation, just a simple gain stage, which is in the system preamp. Cost for the system including the remote controlled preamp with four additional inputs is $12,900.

Learn more on the Soundsmith website but good luck navigating it.

planarhead's picture

So the preamp just needs to be purely gain based without any EQ? If that is accurate I imagine the SS Strain Gauges would sound better with a better phono preamp. Whenever I have heard these cartridges either at shows or at one friend's it sounds too clinical to me. If you can add some meat with the preamp that is a good thing (IE Dave Slagle's EMIA strain gauge which uses a tube based gain device)