Parasound Shows Recently Introduced JC3+ Phono Preamp

Parasound's recently announced JC3+ phono preamplifier made its debut at this year's CES. The front panel looks identical to the original so the photo shows the rear panel's loading options, which was something audiophiles requested. Price is $2850.

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Hey Mr. Analog,

This is may be the replacement for my GCPH. I would very much like to see a detailed review of this.  Not only does it get the detail/soundstage/whatever, but does it get the body of the instruments & the tail of the note?  Seems these days many products are digital like in that they lack fullness, sometimes mistakenly called warmth.

My GCPH fed by a Kleos/SME309(latter combo per your review) does a very good job, particularly at its price point & has balanced connections & much adjustability.  

Thanks for all you do for the vinyl community.

Robert A. Ober