Doshi Audio Demos New Cosmetics and OS For Doshi Tubed Phono 3.0

Doshi Audio's $15,995 vacuum tube based phono preamplifier features three inputs, a full complement of remote controllable loading options and even memory to store settings for each of the inputs. One is for MC while two are MM, with one intended for use with an outboard step-up transformer of your choice.

The MC input features a JFET "head amp" stage followed by the tubes, which are a pair of 12AX7s a pair of 12AU7s and a pair of 12DK7s. The circuit design details are best covered in a full review.

The unit combines "old school" tubes with modern convenience features in a very attractive, compact chassis. The power supply is outboard.

For more information on Doshi go here: Paragon Audio

andrewmorgan's picture

have been searching for a good multi-input phono for a while.

They dont seem to have this on their website though?

Dont suppose they will let one loose for you to review Mikey?

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I hope so in the near future. I'm revieweing another good multi-input unit now for Stereophile and there's always the Manley Steelhead, the DSA too.

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Hopefully soon.
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Not aware of the DSA. Have almost bought the steelhead twice but something has held me back. 

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Great sounding phono pre and very flexible too. I owned one for years and loved it.
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I own a Doshi Aalap and it totally transformed my system.
Many consider it in the relm of very best phono stages.
It is pure bliss with my Galibier/triplanar/ZYX Universe II combo

There is a reason Nick may not have one available to demo

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To have one for review soon when I encountered him in the hallways at CES a few weeks ago...

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Looking forward to your review Michael!