Take A "Tour" of SOTA's Entry Level Series II Moonbeam Turtable

I met up at AXPONA with SOTA's Kirk and Donna Bodinet. They were part owners in the company for many years, buying the company outright from Jack Shafton in 1997, when depending upon your perspective, it was vinyl's nadir, or the beginning of its resurgence. Shafton is now V.P. Sales and Marketing at Sandy Gross's Golden Ear Technology speaker company and he too was at AXPONA.

All's well that ends well as both Shafton and the Bodinets are thriving and doing what they like to do. While maintaining a somewhat low profile Donna and Kirk have built SOTA into a very successful company, building in America a full line of 'tables and two vacuum type record cleaning machines.

The Series II Moonbeam is one definitely ripe for an analogplanet.com review, which will hopefully happen over the summer.

Take the video tour here:

Jim Tavegia's picture

Would think that a table that nice would deserve at least the new RB 202 arm and not the RB 100 arm, but it is still a nice table. 

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I've been an old fan of SOTA TT's since hearing a friends Star Sapphire model with Linn Itok Tonearm and Madrigal cartidge in the early 1980's. I was in high school st the time and It was that friend who turned me on to Hi-End audio where I got hooked for life. He worked at Tech HiFi and later on for Dave Wasserman's first shop on west 8th Street In the Village where I acquired even more audio knowledge In my early to mid teens. Bought my first Rega Planar 3 a couple of years later.