TW Acustic Demos Raven GT SE Turntable

Highwater Sound demoed TW Acustic's Raven GT SE turntable featuring a chassis machined from a solid aluminum billet.

The $12,500 'table uses parts from more expensive TW Acustic 'tables including the AC's platter, the Black Knight's feet and the AC's motor controller. The motor is contained within the plinth creating a minimal footprint design, though the 'table can accommodate two tone arms.

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I'm just feelling very jealous of you today... 


More sweepstakes giveaways please... (sob)...

Let me know if you ever need a protege..

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Jeff record collection, High Water Sound, and the TW Raven, always a winning combination in my book. Always one of my favorite rooms.

Happy Listening!