Funk Firm Debuts at AXPONA New Budget-Priced Flamenca Turntable and F6 Tone Arm

The under $2000 price-pointed heated up yet further with the introduction of Funk Firm's new $1495 Flamenca turntable and F6 tone arm.

The attractive new two-speed 'table features a filament drive via a built-in motor, a glass platter and precision bearing.

The arm features an unconventional bearing with the arm assembly hanging "swing-like" from two co-polymer threads that are stabilized from below, with bias adjusted from the support on top.

The (shown) Achromat mat is an extra cost upgrade.

Distributed in USA by Pro Audio Ltd

torturegarden's picture

I've got an Achromat on my glass platter Music Hall MMF5SE and it was worth every penny. It was like getting a whole new 'table when I installled it.