Lyra Launches Etna Phono Cartridge at RMAF 2013

Lyra, now distributed domestically by Audioquest, officially launched its new Etna phono cartridge (red, lower left) at RMAF 2013. Priced at $6995, the Etna's introduction effectively ends the $6500 Titan's long production run.

Lyra's Stig Bjorge and Audioquest's Joe Harley just smirked when I asked them how it compared to the Titan i.

As they handed me an Etna review sample, I asked how it compared to the $10,000 Atlas. Their expression again didn't change. Hmm.

Looking at the Etna box, I noticed the serial # was ET6101, which is serial #1. I am not worthy, but apparently they think I am so who am I to argue?

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Look forward to your review.  Will be very interesting to see how the Delos and Kleos stack up, too.

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Enviable place to be Mikey, I am confident we will receive your usual quality review (soon?).  Jonathan Carr and Yoshinori Mishima San are truly master craftsmen. I have had the luxury of enjoying several Lyra carts over the years but, never been quite able to step up to their crème de la crème as of yet. More than likely, the bar has been raised ounce again. There still is hope yet, and that is going to be one very big piggy bank that needs raiding...

spammers suck!

as always, Happy Listening! ;^)>

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As a titan i owner, i am really looking forward to read your review about Etna. Titan i is a very good cartridge, i assume, when they raise the price, they raised the performance.