Music Hall's $1199 Ikura Ready For Its Close Up, Mr. DeMille

Music Hall's new, striking- looking Ikura turntable is going into production. The Ikura is a split-plinth design, with the motor located on a lower platform (not shown in photo) isolated via points from the main plinth. It includes a Pro-Ject sourced alloy tone arm, the sound of which Music Hall preferred to the carbon fiber arm.

The Ikura's platter is of MDF. The price includes an Ortofon 2m Blue cartridge.

The attractive plinth pattern of tiny radiating dots was created by a noted industrial designer who produced the original template by hand. The Ikura, created and fine-tuned by Music Hall's Roy Hall and Leland Leard is yet another strong contender turntable in the $1500 and under price point. Will be reviewed by analogplanet as soon as we can get our hands on one.

CarterB's picture

Nice to see a cart is included. Good competition for the RP3