VPI Introduces Production Version of Direct Drive Turntable at RMAF

VPI introduced the production version of its new direct drive turntable. It features a three phase AC induction motor with computer controlled platter speed. The platter of aluminum weighs twenty two pounds. Speed accuracy is claimed to be 01% or "5 sigma" (a standard deviation statistical term) at both 33 1/3 and 45rpm.

The proprietary non-cogging motor system uses the platter as rotor and a printed circuit board stator. The plinth consists of a 5/8" machined aluminum plate bonded to two inches of MDF.

An internationally approved external power supply removes line noise generating components from within the turntable (not sure what that means but it was in the fact sheet). Does VPI mean it removes line noise generating components from reaching the motor? We'll find out and clarify. And we'll find out the price too. It was not on the one sheet.

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Any indication if there will be a version that can fit 2 tonearms, and can any tonearm be used? I don't want to get rid of my Durrands... :)

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What an absolute bargain! Congratuations to VPI for keeping it real on the price-point.

Now if only I must decide between this and 25 new-in-the-box Technics SL-1210s...

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I am not sure why people think DD = bargain? These tables are not targetting the Technics SL-1200 crowd.

Some other high end DD tables that are NOT cheap- Wavekinetics NVS, Rockport Sirius, Brinkmann, etc.

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Let me clarify: $30,000 for this turntable is insane

...regardless of whether it's belt-driven or DD.

This looks exactly like one of their $2,000-$4,000 'tables. Somebody explain to me how the direct drive mechanism merits an $25,000+ increase in price. Is it somehow more well-engineered than the one that was perfected in the Technics and in production for over 30 years?

They must be "targeting a different crowd." Happily for me I don't have to buy it and can sit back and ridicule the obscene price-point. I'll bet an SL-1200 outperforms it in many ways, including speed-stability, as well. I'll never know because I won't spend the price of a family sedan on a TT that appears to be worth 3k at the very most to do a comparison.

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Well continue enjoying your SL-1200. I couldn't sell mine fast enough after getting a Galibier Serac.

I can't afford a McLaren MP4-12, but I won't deny it's far superior to my 328i.

The author of this blog uses a turntable that costs $160000?

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"The author of this blog uses a turntable that costs $160000?"


...and I don't see what that has to do with my comment. If there is a legitimate reason why this TT is worth 25K more than the Classics it's modeled after I'd love to know.

I don't care at all about the price of other TTs. This is a VPI and I made a fair comparison and criticism of the price-point. I care because I was seriously interested in this 'table when it was announced but now I want VPI to know that their asking price is extremely unrealistic and I will be looking elsewhere. I'm not debating someone's reasons for paying as much as they want to for other TTs.

Like I said, I would love to compare but this price is foolish in comparison to VPI's own offerings. Do they think they just invented the DD TT? This sort of drive is normally pooped on by "purists" and audio snobs but now that VPI finally did it it's worth six times more than their great and comparable belt-driven classics? ...whatever.

With all due respect I don't understand your excessive apologetics. They seem semi-relevant at best and don't even directly address my concerns that you take some exception to for reasons unbeknownst to me. Can't I just state the obvious without being derailed?

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I and probably the majority would agree with these observations . For this kind of price it should produce a holographic image of the performers to go with the sound reproduction. of course there will be a small production run at these absurd prices who could purchase even if they wanted?

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Apparently VPI says the motor alone costs $4,000, add in all the other materials required to make it and probably the small production line and you have the high cost.  Some of the higher end SME's cost this high as well as do other direct drive turntables.  Not saying it's worth it but explains the high price.