Zorin Music TP-S3 Turntable From Taiwan

Imported from Taiwan by Mockingbird LLC, which also imports the Jakutis turntable, the Zorin TP-S3 is an A.C. synchronous motor, belt-drive turntable with an acrylic platter riding on a polished ceramic bearing.

The $3750 'table, which weighs 29 pounds, features a polished stainless steel-aluminum alloy base incorporating the arm mount system.

The arm is the $2070 Zorin Music PUA-12, a 12" gimbaled bearing tonearm featuring a stainless steel arm tube and brass plated titanium counterweights. The patented headshell allows for overhang, zenith angle and VTA adjustability. The carbon fiber mat adds an extra $300+ to the total price.

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More info and/or a close up shot of this tricky looking headshell is of interest!