PS Audio's NuWave PCM/DSD Phono Converter In Production

PS Audio's recently announced $1895 NuWave Phono Converter, combining a DSD capable A/D converter and MM/MC phono preamp was demoed at RMAF and is now in production. This product is loaded with features, which will be fully described in an upcoming review (review sample has been shipped).

The plan is to make available to you for download DSD files created using the NuWave Phono Converter.

anomaly7's picture

If DSD is the end of the road (so far) in digital, then this should be the end of the road for digitizing ones vinyl. 

Does this do double DSD? Hmm, maybe that will be the end of the road? Or DSD x 10?

it does look like you get a lot for the price. Can't wait to see your review-