TriangleArt's Gleaming Flagship Turntable Has Max Bling Factor

Excess is in the eyes (and bank accounts) of the vinyl loving audiophile. California-based TriangleArt debuted at RMAF its new $129,000 Flagship Ultimate LE turntable.

The platter weighs 150 pounds, making for some serious heavy lifting! The gleaming edifice left me speechless.

Steve Edwards's picture

the neighbors would surely be impressed. And, if you ever decided to give up vinyl (good Lord save your soul), you could convert it into a press to bore cylinder holes in engine blocks.

WntrMute2's picture

looks more like a steaming pile of …… I don't care how it sounds, that is one ugly mofo.

davidmreyes77's picture

Pair it with Earthquake Titan Tethys Dual 12" 4 Way Super Tower Speakers and you'd have a setup that would resemble something out of Doctor Who!

dinster's picture

Looks very much like the Statement?