AMG Introduces New Giro G9 Turntable With 9W2 Tonearm at CES 2015

AMG, whose Viella turntable became an almost instant international hit is back with the lower priced Giro G9 'table and 9W2 tonearm. Like the larger 'table, the new Giro is manufactured entirely in AMG's factory in Baviaria.

The new 'table sells for $9900. AMG saved money for the less expensive model by CNC machining from POM ( a high tech synthetic material) the platter and bearing hearing. The circular plinth is of aluminum and contains the two speed electronic controller. The Giro uses the Viella's stainless steel precision machined pulley mounted upon a Swiss-made DC motor.

The platter bearing is hydro-dynamically lubricated 16mm axle with a PFTE thrust pad and integral flywheel scaled down from the Viella. The 9W2 9" arm shares the 12J2's revolutionary bearing design (see last year's CES show report).

This appears to offer a great deal of the Viella's excellent build quality and performance at a considerable saving. Imported by Musical Surroundings.

Brother John's picture

best looking turntables I've ever seen my life. I hope they sound as good as they look.

Arnie's picture

I just bought the AMG Viella Turntable and was just amazed at the sound. I had a Clearaudio Magnum with a Stradivarius cartridge. The sound was very good. I decided to upgrade after 10 years. I hoped it would make a difference but I was surprised that the turntable and arm would make such a difference using the same cartridge. The noise floor is greatly reduced and sound definition is so much better. It is like listening to my music all over again. It was expensive but worth every penny. The quality an tech behind it is just outstanding.

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acquisition Arnie. I'm happy but not surprised to read your AMG turntable upgrade trounced a decade old Clearaudio Magnum not just because the AMG Viella Is a higher end turntable but features newer technology as well. I recently upgraded from an even older Rega P25 to VPI Classic 1 using a Shelter 501MKII and the difference sound-wise Is night and day although I can now hear the limitations of the shelter's mediocre elliptical stylus and now understand exactly what Michael was talking about when he´reviewed the MKIII version a few months ago. I know I need to upgrade to a much better cartridge with a line contact stylus ,(Lyra?), to Improve the synergy with VPI and rest of my playback system.