Thorens' New Entry Level TD 203 Turntable

Thorens introduces a new entry level turntable.

The new TD 203 featuring a polyethylene platter and new TP 82 unipivot tone arm comes fully assembled and ready to play out of the box, though all major parameters are user-adjustable. The TP 82's bearing consists of a carbide point resting within a five ball bearing assembly. The supplied cartridge is the Thorens TAS 257 moving magnet. Drive is via a low noise, low voltage electronically speed controlled DC motor. Both belt tension and platter speed are adjustable.

Available in black, white and red, the TD 203 comes complete with dustcover for $999.00

Ortofan's picture

Tracking force, stylus shape, cantilever material?
Is this an OEM version of the A-T CN5625AL - or one of its cheaper relatives with a plastic cantilever?
How about the Ortofon Omega as an option?

Michael Fremer's picture
Not presented at CES. More appropriate for review.
Rockadelic's picture

I wonder if it's performance matches the legendary naim aro?

atomlow's picture

I wonder how this compares to the RP3? This looks pretty nice and being fully adjustable has the RP3 beat if it's solid. It also looks like it has a switch for 33 and 45rpm.

alexdias's picture

It looks like a decent low cost option to the Regas, Music Halls and ProJects.
Looking forward to read some proper reviews.