Furutech Shows SK-III Version of Electrostatic Brush

Furutech introduced at CES 2015 a MK III version of its effective de-stat brush made of goat hair and Corona discharge fibers. The new version features a Rhodium coated metal grounding sleeve that improves conductivity.

It also has 10% more super fine Corona discharge fibers. It can be used on vinyl records, optical media, plasma/LCD screens and A/V projector lenses. Great during the dry winter months when static build-up is greatest. It can be washed and indefinitely re-used. Developed for Furutech by SFC of Japan. Price: $125.00

Paul Robertson's picture

If so, I'm in. Sure my moderate VPI 16.5 does the "cleaning" trick to my satisfaction, but I've never really had much success with brushes. Leaving lines etc. Been many years since I've owned a static gun. Sounds like this might be worth the investment, given confirmation of your approval that is. Thank you!

oregonpapa's picture

There goes another 125 smackers.