Pass Labs Delivers New xS "State-of-the-Art" Moving Coil Phono Preamplifier (Video Enhanced!)

Five years after introducing the XP-25 phono preamplifier, Pass Labs's phono preamplifier designer Wayne Colburn debuted the new xS.

Like the previous top-of-the-line XP-25, the xS is a hefty two box design, one for the power supply and one for signal-processing. The xS features three inputs with memory capabilities so that you don't have to change settings when you switch among the three single-ended inputs.

Large front panel knobs adjust three gain levels and well as capacitive and resistive loading. Do you need to know the specifics of those three adjustments? If you have $40,000-$45,000 get back to me. Suffice it to say, if the xS is anything like the remarkable XP-25 it can deal well with any moving coil phono cartridge.

How did Colburn better the XP-25? He told me that among many other improvements to the all electronic gain circuit (no step-up transformers) it's even quieter than the already quiet XP-25 and makes use of ultra-premium parts.

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