New Sperling L-3 Turntable From Germany

American importer Audioarts introduced the new Sperling L-3, "baby brother" to the larger L-1. The new L-3 is a high mass design featuring an outboard motor driving the platter with recording tape leader.

Shown with the new Sperling tonearm. 'Table price is $19,000. Add around $10K for the arm.

atblumenthal's picture

I can see their design inspiration.

Jazzfan62's picture

My Grandma had a pressure cooker that look just like it! I wonder if it also makes delicious jellies and jams

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Step right up folks, see the new turn table that can extend your record play times all the way up to 8 hours with 2 hour increment settings in between. Yes, now you can play a record while making dinner while you are at work. When you get home your dinner is done and so is your record though.
Ok, I'm just being silly.:) I couldn't resist.

Not an attractive table though, especially for the money. (I can't even count that high).

I wonder if the recording tape leader is better than the standard rubber belts used normally? At least as far as durability or life expectancy and such goes.

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Kuzma resemblance to this design In both tonearm and platter.

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