Rega's New RP10 Turntable Replaces Discontinued P9

Rega's current "top of the line" RP10 features the RP8's "skeletal" frame but ups just about everything else. It features a ceramic platter similar to the P9's as well as an aluminum alloy sub-platter and pulley, a new iteration of Rega's venerable cast tonearm and an upgraded power supply that allows for speed adjustment.

Though the $5495 'table (w/o cartridge) has been available for awhile, this is the first time I've seen one in the flesh. The importer has so far chosen to not supply one for review.

However, an upcoming "assault on the turntable 'state of the art' " from Rega Research may be headed our way once it is ready.

I write "may" because a review sample of the RP10 had also been promised. Why did the importer choose to not supply an RP10 for review and in fact, review samples were subsequently supplied to other reviewers?

That is a question I didn't ask the importer because it is their business and their choice. I did however, express my displeasure with having been promised one for review upon its release and not being given a heads up that it would not be delivered—something I found out in a less pleasant way: reviews published elsewhere.

I was told (after the fact) that the review sample was delayed until release of the new Apheta2 cartridge coming soon. Given 20 plus years of honest, and mostly positive Rega coverage, a "heads up" would have been nice, don't you think?.

Why am I divulging this here? Because more than a few readers have asked in private emails why there's been no RP10 review here or in Stereophile and I'm sure posting this item would have elicited even more questions. Hopefully we'll soon get the RP10 for review along with the new Apheta2 and later the upcoming "assault" turntable. Also on display in the Rega room was the reference $6995 Rega IOS MC phono preamp.

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as well as your upcoming review Michael. I'm damn surprised It's only $5,495 which seems like a bargain for a top of the line Rega TT In today's market. Please correct me If I'm wrong.

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Having owned a P9 for nealry 4 yrs now I am anxious to hear Mr F's review before I graciously hand over hard earned money for a 'possible' lateral move. I have always owned Rega tables for the past 6 years and for the most part have been satisfied with the performance. The previous reviews have all been positive but I really trust Mr F's opinion when speaking analogue matters. Mike, my ever-so-tight fingers are grasping onto my play money until your honest review arrives.

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I love reviews of the higher end tables but the RP-6 is, of course, a little more practical price-wise. Any hints of such a review at the Stereophile offices?

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I am very surprised that both Analog Planet and Stereophile seem to have skipped over the RP6 in the Rega product line.

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What sticks out for me from your reviews I read in Stereophile was that Rega turntables tend to run a bit fast. Perhaps they are hesitant to send you a table as this may come up again? I know this was documented clearly in the article, it wasn't just your perception....

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Michael, I have to agree with this commenter. It seems to me that you have been all over Rega for the "too fast" issue for way too long a time. Your own tests recently revealed VERY small speed discrepancies. And now you are coming across as a bit petulant.

Stereophile also recently gave a couple of Clearaudio turntables to Mr. Lichte, a self-described non-fan of analog, to review. In what has to be the silliest "review" of all time, he ran them through a DAC as a preamp and then compared them with the same DAC.

If I were either of these manufacturers I would think twice about sending Stereophile any further products to review. Even that top-of-the-line Clearaudio you have in another post.

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Disagree. It's Michael's duty as on objective reviewed to point out that the RP8 runs fast. It does. I still bought one, but thanks to Mr Fremer... I went in full informed. It's up to me to decide what's important or not based on the information presented.

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who just upgraded to a VPI Classic 1 I must say I auditioned the RP6 and the Traveler back to back with the same cartridge and the Similarly priced VPI traveler trounced the Rega RP6 In almost every area. This might be why It hasn't been reviewed by Stereophile. Please don't get me wrong I'm not a VPI snob but I heard what I heard.
The RP8 however Is a different animal altogether and much better sounding than the RP6.

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I agree that the initial cost of the RP6 and Traveler is similar. However, the total Cost of Ownership of the Traveler is quite a bit higher when you add in the additional expense of a dust cover and phono interconnects, which are included with the RP6. That could easily add another $500-$600 or more to the cost of the Traveler, assuming of course that you want a dust cover.

Also, replacing the stock plastic subplatter of the RP6 with a machined Groovetracer subplatter significantly elevates the performance of the RP6.

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You pointed out that the RP8 runs fast in that review. Hey, mine runs fast also! Others are saying the same on the forums!

So until your Rega reviews are gushingly, enthusiastically, over-the-top positive... like some of those *other guys*........

We all know how this works.

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That's how this works.

It isn't about "gushing reviews", and it isn't just about just this one review. The Rega speed discrepancy, using Mr. Fremer's own data, is trivial. In addition, it comes from an acknowledged difference in philosophy between Mr. Fremer and Mr. Gandy.

Given the history, Mr. Fremer's whining about not being in the first tier to get an RP10 to review comes across like a child pouting because he didn't get a cookie.

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That I believe a turntable should run at the correct speed? I don't believe the difference is trivial. I was promised the RP10 but i didn't receive it. If a child is promised a cookie and doesn't receive it he is entitled to pout. However I am not a child and I didn't pout.