Audio Research Demos New Reference Phono 3 Phono Preamplifier

The Audio Research Reference Phono 3 is a new design from the chassis outside to the circuitry inside.

The new phono pre uses six as opposed the previous model's four 6H30 tubes, which results in higher current delivery, a lower noise floor, and thus wider dynamic range. The power supply has been completely re-designed using new transformers, coupling caps and other parts.

There are three single-ended inputs, each independently configurable for either MM or MC and each can have different load and equalization settings stored in memory. Output is dual differential balanced with single-ended output also available.

Audio Research includes RIAA, Decca or Columbia equalization curves. Please do not believe anyone when they tell you either of those labels used their proprietary curves into the stereo era. By then both Columbia and Decca (and London) had switched over to the RIAA curve. If you prefer a different setting in stereo record playback you are using the EQ choice as a tone control.

The MC gain stage is not a transformer. Rather Audio Research has developed a "special low noise stage", the details of which the designer cagily avoided providing. However, I will be reviewing this in Stereophile along with the company's "flagship" preamplifier and at that time I will pry out of them all of the details.

The Reference Phono 3 costs $14,000. Sorry.

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Michael, it really doesn't make sense that the inputs are single-ended. Are you sure that's correct? Phono cartridges are inherently balanced. If you keep the ground separate, you have a balanced connection even with RCA cables, no?

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Yes, but not 'dual differential" of course. There's quite a controversy over whether or not it's necessary to have XLR connectors since, as you say, the cartridge is inherently balanced. As long as the input circuitry doesn't tie the grounds together, it remains "balanced" and the rest of the circuit is dual differential....
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If by "Flagship" preamp you are referring to the Ref 6, you are in for a treat. Even with only 22 hours on it, it is an outstanding item.

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Or is it different somehow?

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The increase in the price over the outgoing Ref Phono 2 SE (which retailed for $12,9995) isn't really all that much, so I think ARC did a decent job keeping it a reasonable increment, assuming it sounds at least as good as the outgoing unit.

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Uh, sorry, that should be $12,995